It’s raining men Thursdays at Grammy Discotheque

A great alternative for females who have been frustrated with the lack of café’s con piernas for her in Santiago, Discotheque Grammy is the place to get together with your girl friends for pico (Chilean slang for the primary member of the male genitalia) and piscolas (mixed drink of pisco and coca-cola) after a hard day’s work. Here, instead of receiving the usual obscene piropos (catcalls), women are now the ones delivering them.

Grammy Discoteque
Photo by Carol Willis

Tuesday through Saturday nights, Discotheque Grammy hosts male strip shows from 10:30pm until 12:30am. Next door at the same time in the more intimate setting of pub Puzzle, Grammy offers a club de caballeros (gentleman’s club) with female dancers for a smaller audience. After the strip shows end, Grammy turns into a dance club that goes until 4am.

Grammy Discoteque
Photo by Carol Willis

Although Chilean society is often regarded as reserved and conservative, the environment inside Discotheque Grammy is anything but. Walking up the stairs into the club is like entering a new world where lambs turn into lionesses. Ladies of all ages, from twenty-somethings to abuelitas, come to watch male strippers tease and tantalize in nothing but their birthday suits.

The male objects of desire vary from cop, fireman, cowboy, and Zorro to the crowd pleasing colegio (high school) boy jumping around in not much more than his tie and backpack. While some could use improvement on their actual dance moves, all of them are good at getting the throngs of women surrounding the stage excited and squealing for more.

During the pauses between dancers, a jovial DJ comes out into the middle of the floor to tell dirty jokes and encourage crowd participation, something not for the faint of heart.

As the dancers wiggle around the edge of the stage, dozens of hands reach out to stroke the pumped up chests and slap perfectly sculpted potos (behinds). The men then grab one lucky volunteer and bring her into the spotlight as part of the performance which could include anything from straddling speakers to sexually suggestive, stripper-assisted “dancing.” Often times, it’s a woman whose friends are throwing her a despedida (bachelorette party), and the louder the women in the crowd yell, the more explicit the on-stage behavior becomes.

Santiago Chile Le Monde Diplomatique
Photo by Carol Willis

Between strippers, the stage turns into a dance floor full of sexually-charged females dancing with one another. Walking in at this point of the evening might make an uninformed observer believe that it were a lesbian club. Except that all of the women are waiting for the next man to get on stage and get naked.

After the last stripper exits the dance floor, the erotic tension is thick in the air as a crowd of women is left hot and bothered. Cue the slow trickle of men venturing in from the gentlemen’s club next door, ready to pick up where the dancers left off.

For the lady who likes to watch muscular Chilenos dance in less than underpants, get there early and bring your friends.

For the guy who likes to be in the middle of a crowded dance floor with a female to male ratio in their favor, arrive after midnight. Discotheque Grammy in Ñuñoa provides a little something for everyone.

Grammy Discoteque
Ñuñoa, Av.Irarrázaval 027, nearest cross street Vicuña Mackenna
Metro Irarrázaval
Telephone: (56-2)222 33 48 or (56-2) 635 29 70.

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