Jazz and Gimley

Even if you hate Jazz, Perseguidor in Bellavista is worth visiting just to see the immense array of facial expressions on the musicians. Nothing beats consuming a few, electric-colored, sugary cocktails as five talented musicians pull on-the-verge-of-orgasm grimaces and belt out some jazz.

Photo by James Tucker
Photo by James Tucker

The appearance of Jorge Diaz from Christián Cutuffofo Quinteto delivers another artistic level entirely by invoking the hitherto inconceivable stylistic combination of Lord of the Rings and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The guitarist's shoulder length brunette mane and ability to play the guitar with his teeth made him an excellent candidate for any revival of the rock comedy classic. From Lord of the Rings, I almost expected the lead trumpeter to stop and say ‘Certainty of Death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for’ before charging into the audience wielding his trumpet like an axe. That's a quote from Gimley, by the way.

And there is no way Jorge Diaz


... doesn't look like this guy...


Not disappointingly, I had to content myself with the reality of listening to Christián play the trumpet with the visceral force of a man rousing the soldiers of good to a final winner-takes-all encounter with evil.

The rest of Quinteto are as generous of musical ability, flowery shirts and personality as their lead man is hirsute and diminutive of stature. Playing monthly at Perseguidor, their furiously elevating brass solos were unapologetically punctuated by the the two brass players chuffing down fags. No pretentious jazzy twiddling here.

Photo by James Tucker
Photo by James Tucker

The venue itself is dark and cozy. It’s plain claret exterior a nice contrast to their brand of energy driven music. Sultry purple and yellowish greenish hued blue spotlights cast coloured shadows on the brick floor, giving the whole place a dramatic, stage-like feel. A mural of jazz appreciators in fifties suits on the back wall makes it feel bigger than it is, as does the mirror behind the stage. I was pleased to note the total absence of finger-clicking from our twenty five to fifty year old audience of listeners. The lights make you feel a bit like you are at an on stage disco actually.

The lights aren’t the only fluorescent part of the evening; my ‘Jamm Session’ cocktail, at a not-over-the-top price of three Luca, is a bright blue colour and tastes unsurprisingly like sugar plus lots-of-booze. The food is all tapas and ‘eat with your fingers’ stuff and European cerveza is served in bowl-like glasses. Highlights include ceviche to share at $8.400 ($17.00). Entrance is $2.500 although on a Saturday you have to spend $5.000 on drinks as well or you pay the difference.

Perseguidor regularly fills to capacity, especially when Christián Cutuffofo Quinteto play. So it’s necessary to book a table, thereby enabling much smugness when a small crowd gathers in the doorway.

Photo by James Tucker
Photo by James Tucker

Having been around for ten years, it appears the boss of Perseguidor has discovered the recipe for success. They have attentive staff; cool music, hand-selected from piles of Chilean demos and the regular appearance of super-stylish and manically talented regulars.

El Perseguidor play host to a number of jazz groups every weekday and weekend, including Jorge Diaz in various guises.

El Perseguidor
Antonia López de Bello 0126- Providencia
(entre Constitución y Mallinkrodt)
Reservas: (56-2) 777 67 63
Abierto de Lunes a Sábado desde las 19:00 hrs.
Música en vivo todos los días desde las 22:00 hrs.
Patronato/Bellas Artes

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