Lastarria: Santiago's Hidden Gem

Just north of Alameda and east of Cerro Santa Lucia, Barrio Lastarria is almost an afterthought in the shadow of Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) and Universidad Catolica's Central Campus. This historic neighborhood was once the site of a mill but is now a buzzing area full of great bars, restaurants, street vendors and even a movie theater.

Photo by Jorge Rosales Aguila
Photo by Jorge Rosales Aguila

The little barrio nestled behind the GAM is a fantastic place to sample some of Santiago's most creative cuisine whiles getting to know a bit of the city's nightlife.

To start off the night, you can grab a light meal at Buffalo Waffles, home of what might just be the best waffle sandwiches in Santiago. For about CLP $3.000 (USD $4.80) you can get a waffle with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and garlic sauce. The price is well worth the meal, which makes for a great start to the night.

Photo by Katie David
Photo by Katie David

Next, catch a movie at Cine El Biografo for only $2.000 Mondays through Wednesdays, and $4.000 Thursdays through Sundays (even cheaper if you're a student). The movies are typically critically acclaimed foreign films so you won't go wrong with a visit to this vintage movie theater. The cinema also happens to have its own restaurant right next door where the televisions on the walls are constantly playing Oscar winning films from the past.

Still hungry after the movie? Head up the street to Emporio La Rosa, one of the Top 25 ice cream parlors in the world. Once there, you can order one of their famous cups such as the Copa Platano - dulce de leche icecream, chocolate sauce, Chantilly cream, plantains, and sliced almonds - for $3.800, or pick from their variety of flavors and grab a cone to go for about $2.750. Enjoy it at nearby Parque Forrestal which runs adjacent to Barrio Lastarria and provides an enjoyable and safe place to take an evening stroll with friends.

The neighborhood itself is almost literally hidden. To get to it, you must take the north exit out of Metro Universidad Catolica, pass the GAM on the right, and then take a left towards Lastarria. Once there, options abound for food, drink and entertainment.

Photo by Jorge Rosales Aguila
Photo by Jorge Rosales Aguila

Buffalo Waffles
Merced 315
7653 6849
Metro Universidad de Catolica

El Biografo
José Victorino Lastarria 181
2 2633 4435

Emporio La Rosa
Merced/ Monjitas
2 6388550

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