Mil Tambores Celebrates 15 Years

A love letter to Valparaiso expressed through a carnival of costume, music and color, channeled into the energy of a thousand beating drums.

The annual "Mil Tambores" festival kicks off in Valpo this Friday, celebrating 15 years and promising educational conferences, artistic workshops, live music, dancing, parties, body paint and street performances.

This wild, alternative event is using the theme "tribute to Valparaiso" this year and will be taking over public parks and the bases of the city's hills. Stations will be set-up in the different neighborhoods from Cerro Playa Ancha to Cerro Rodelillo with street parades scheduled Saturday and Sunday.

The parties Friday and Saturday night ($5.000 at the door) will feature live bands including Villa Carino, Bandalismo, and Ywana. A source of chaotic scenes in the past, authorities have decided to shut down liquor stores along the perimeter at 9pm for the duration of the weekend.

A celebration of liberty and happiness that is manifested through taking to the streets and making your voice, and your drum, heard.

Not to be missed.

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