Necro Bar: Hell Awaits…With Beers in Bellavista

Nestled in Santiago’s Bohemian Bellavista neighborhood is a bar worthy of a visit from the devil. This unique bar claims to be the only of its kind in the world. The theme? Death. The name? Necro Bar.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Natalie Estay

The quiet street offers little warning of the twisted beauty inside. Outside the door stands a grim reaper holding an announcement board. Push open the heavy black doors and the sight challenges the imagination with a smoky lair and human skull replicas lining the walls. A large black cast-iron chandelier decorated with more skulls hangs over the center of the crowded room. The small bar sits past the six to eight tables, with barmen crowding around its center.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Natalie Estay

Necro Bar is poised to become the epicenter of metal in Santiago with legends such as Obituary and Vader already having visited the watering hole. It’s also become a meeting place for metalheads before attending gigs at nearby metal hot-spot: Bar Oxido. The locale is also a prime vendor for tickets to metal shows around town.

The selection of drinks is standard fare for the average metalhead. Beer, beer and more beer. For the more adventurous, Necro also offers an impressive selection of cocktails. Of these the chartreuse is highly recommended, though the specialty drinks are a bit pricey. Beer in hand, the true spirit of the bar is felt as your ears adjust to the audio levels. Another survey of the room yields a large LCD screen above the doorway displaying heavy metal videos.

Necro Bar deserves a visit for its attention to detail. The establishment features more than 200 replica bones as well as several pentagram tables and a chandelier. Most clientele are either in their 20s or tourists but the vibe is not discriminatory. The opening of the bar was groundbreaking not only for its unique theme but for its work in drawing crowds from outside the heavy metal community. In addition to legendary bands, the mayor of Recoleta, Gonzalo Cornejo, also stopped in for a drink.

Necro Bar
Dardignac 63
Barrio Bellavista
Metro Baquedano

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