Onaciu: Chameleon-esque for Your Pleasure

Whether you want to rock out to some of Santiago’s best music or just chill with friends, Onaciu seems to do it all.

Photo by Elaine Ramirez
Photo by Elaine Ramirez

With two bars and a multitude of rooms, this place is the gift that keeps on giving.  Located around the stage, four rooms provide a variety of atmospheres sure to suit your mood: from modern to psychedelic.  Unlike most venues in Santiago, Onaciu gives you the freedom to dance for a bit and retire to a more serene area to chat with friends or that interesting person you just met.  Feel hot?  Take some fresh air on the back patio.  You’re sure to meet some characters.

Photo by Elaine Ramirez
Photo by Elaine Ramirez

Although this place has a lot to offer, it does not come without a price.  In addition to cover charges ranging from Ch$ 1,500 to 8,000 (approx. US$ 3-15), Onaciu is one of the pricier venues for a fun night out due to its drink menu.  Compared with other music venues which offer liters of beer for Ch$ 1,500, these drinks start at Ch$ 2,000 (approx. US$ 4) for a regular bottle of beer.  If you're watching the pesos, you would be far better off doing the heavy drinking at one of the many other bars in Barrio Bellavista before entering Onaciu.

With the size of Onaciu’s stage, this venue attracts some of the most well known bands in Santiago’s music scene.  If you and your friends are looking to rock out at the spur of the moment, Onaciu will not disappoint you with its diverse mixture of local bands and big name performances such as Los Jaivas, who have been rocking the world over since 1963.

This place is a bit out of the way.  Get off at the Patronato Metro Station on the Yellow Line (Line 2) and walk 4 blocks east on Santa Filomena (against traffic) until you reach Loreto.  Take a left onto Loreto and look for the party.

Loreto 460
Barrio Bellavista

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