Photo Gallery: Walking through silence- a day at the cemetery

Santiago's General Cemetery can easily be described as a city within a city. Former presidents, dissidents, historic figures, victims of human rights violations, musicians, artists, etc have all found their final resting place here.

    No será nuestra vida un túnel ("Will our life not be a tunnel")
    entre dos vagas claridades? ("between two vague clarities?")

    O no será una claridad ("Or will it not be a clarity")
    entre dos triángulos oscuros? ("between two dark triangles?")

    O no será la vida un pez ("Or will life not be a fish")
    preparado para ser pájaro? ("prepared to be a bird?")

    La muerte será de nos ser ("Will death consist of nothing")
    o de sustancias peligrosas? ("or of dangerous substances?")

    - P. Neruda, Libro de Las Preguntas

Cementerio General
Av. Profesor Alberto Zañartu 951, Recoleta
Teléfono (56) 2 26377800 Fax: 56 2 27778552

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