Photo Gallery: Women in Street Art

In the past few decades Santiago has seen a street art boom. Beautiful murals can be found all over the city ranging from highly strange to highly political. This gallery focuses on the female-empowering images that show the beauty of maternity, proclaim the need for abortion rights, and portray the importance of sexual liberation. Most of these works can be found walking through Barrio Brasil and Barrio Yungay down Huerfanos and Cueto.

Photos by Sachi Ragosta

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Huerfanos and Garcia Reyes

Plaza Brasil

Huerfanos and Manuel Rodriguez

"La mujer no existe" (Cueto and Augustinas)

The female reproductive system as art (Cueto and Huerfanos)

Plaza Yungay

El aborto

Santa Filomena and Loreto by Naska

Compañia de Jesus between Libertad and Esperanza

Compañia de Jesus between Libertad and Esperanza

Liberate yourself

This piece was made by a female graffiti artist after her and her boyfriend broke up. He had refrained her from going out and painting by herself. This piece is a rejection of his oppression

Santa Filomena and Ernesto Pinto Lagarringue

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