Revolver Night! was a Blast

Oh what a night!

Cueca brava, rock, DJ, clowns, chinchineros, designers, gringos, Chilenos. Revolver’s one-year anniversary and official brand release party was a huge success and featured a mix of just about everything you could ask for from a party in Chile. Centro Arte Alameda was packed Wednesday night, July 8 (click for photos), with an enthusiastic and fun-loving mix of Chileans and foreigners partaking in all of the exciting festivities.

Photo by Iván Núñez
Photo by Iván Núñez

The event featured spectacular live music by rockers Angelo Pierattini y Las Calaveras Errantes, the cueca brava band Las Niñas and a DJ set by Juan Necochea of Picnic Kibun that kept the party hopping till 4am.

Photo by Sofia Carvajal
Photo by Sofia Carvajal

Revolver Night! was kicked off by an independent design and fashion fair in the lobby featuring Carita de Gato, Tienda Carla Rojo, COCREMI, Tienda Guachita, El Color del Cielo and Vestige Hechos con Manos de Mujer. The already colorful setting was further boosted by promotions from Ron Mitjans, flowers courtesy of Flores Mosqueto and complimentary wine from Mr. Ken Pickering.

The second part of the event began with a chinchinero and organillero performance by the Saavedra Family and a musical circus act by Mr. Gyorgy Cerda Vitanyi and Mr. Noni of Reciclocirco that were the perfect lead in to the late-night dancing, rocking and grooving.

“We couldn’t be happier with the turnout and success of the event,” Robert Silva, Director of Revista Revolver, said. “You really can’t find this mix of people, entertainment and culture anywhere else and we’d like to thank everyone for the support and buena onda.”

Photo by Sofia Carvajal
Photo by Sofia Carvajal

Unfortunately, the buena onda didn’t rub off on everyone. Guitarist Manuel García backed out for no apparent reason two hours before the start of the event and the scheduled DJ, DJ Seltzer, fell ill and was unable to perform. We hope DJ Seltzer feels better and that Manuel Garcia catches whatever he had.

Fortunately, the night never skipped a beat when the bands happily played full sets and DJ Juan Necochea swooped in at the last minute to put on a dance party that the crowd loved.

The venue was filled to capacity with 300+ attendees from diverse backgrounds and nationalities celebrating Chilean music, culture, art and entertainment. Large numbers of attendees came from Santiago’s Couchsurfing and Expats in Chile community.

Revista Revolver would like to thank the following for their generous support and participation:

Angelo Pierattini y Las Calaveras Errantes
Las Niñas
Juan Necochea of Picnic Kibun (DJ set)
Mr. Gyorgy Cerda Vitanyi and Mr. Noni of Reciclocirco
Familia Saavedra - Organillero & Chinchinero
Mr. Ken Pickering
Rodrigo Silva and Ron Mitjans
Flores Mosqueto
Centro Arte Alameda (Constanza, Fabian, Christian y Raul)
Carita de Gato
Tienda Carla Rojo
Tienda Guachita
El Color del Cielo
Vestige Hechos con Manos de Mujer

And of course all of the Revolver staff for their continued hard work and support!

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