Tenderete Apoquindo Opens with Local Designers in Mind

Revolver was present at the November 5th inauguration party of Tenderete Apoquindo, a new fashion concept store that allows independent designers to present their collections to the general public.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Natalie Estay (click for more photos)

This unique retail outlet, located near the Escuela Italiana, in Apoquindo 6974, will be open daily and will showcase the work of seven local independent designers through December 24, 2009.

Tenderete Apoquindo is an innovative project conceived by designer Carla Rojo that aims to offer a one-stop location to those who are tired of constantly searching for their favorite independent local designers in the countless ferias that spice up Santiago’s weekends.

“People love the ferias, but they feel like they are compelled to buy what they like on the spot because ferias are temporary and you’ll never know where that t-shirt that you liked could end up next week.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Natalie Estay

With this concept, the clients know that what they see today will probably be here tomorrow, and if not, they can ask the designers themselves for customized items,” commented Carla Rojo, sipping from a glass of wine in the midst of the crowd present at the inaugural bash.

“We provide an original place where the clients are served by the designers themselves, to whom they can talk and ask all sorts of questions on how a specific piece was created, which makes the shopping experience way more entertaining.”

Tenderete Apoquindo also offers a good opportunity for local brands that do not have their own store or studio to get a start. It can serve as a platform for initial exposure and commercialization, as well as for getting first-hand feedback from the public on their collection in a more intimate setting than they would in the hustle and bustle of the feria.

In addition to clothes, customers can sometimes talk a designer out of their in-store decorations, such as mosaic mirrors, animal-print stools and hand-made dolls.

Among the brands that are present in Tenderete Apoquindo is “Mamà y Hija” (Mother and Daughter), which features clothes for kids from zero to six years old, hand-crafted by single mothers. To highlight the care and work involved, each garment bears the name of the woman who created it. Mamà y Hija is a pilot project that is currently only available in Tenderete Apoquindo.

In the run-up to Christmas, this unique retail outlet could be a great place to get a one-in-a-million gift and support local creative talent at the same time.

Tenderete Apoquindo
Apoquindo 6974
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00, until 24th December.

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