Ulises: Bringing 'Joy'ce and Literature to Lastarria

Imagine being a kid again, walking into a sweet shop and not knowing quite where to start with the overwhelming sense of choice, choice, choice. Replace the sweets with books, the smell of sugar with fresh pages and the kid with your adult self and that is the feeling you get upon entering Ulises.

Photo by Aune Ainson
Photo by Aune Ainson

Since opening its doors in February 2010 the flow of book seekers has increased steadily. Situated in a quaint little corner of Barrio Lastarria, the warm orange glow from inside draws you towards the window and the sneak peak of books on display will be sure to lure you in.

Photo by Aune Ainson
Photo by Aune Ainson

You won’t know where the bookshelves begin or end due to the sensation created by architect Sebastian Grey. As you look up at the mirror-plated ceiling it seems as if the bookshelves go on forever, contrasted and complimented by an array of warm wood. This is appreciated more as you climb the stairs to view the second floor of books and take a look out over the store below.

Books at Ulysis don’t come cheap, but then again, you wouldn’t be stingy with a piece of art either and that’s what the books are in this store--pieces of art that you’re able to handle.

Ulises has something for everyone and a wide selection at that. Labeled clearly on the bottom floor you’ll find a vast assortment; from guide books to dictionaries, from the environment to anthropology, from universal poetry to Latin American literature and from religion to science.

All art lovers (and non lovers as well) should head to the top deck to encounter the beautiful selection of books ranging from architecture and urban life, to theatre and music. And finally, the classic oldies but goodies labeled “bolsillo” or pocket books.

There’s still room to satisfy the kid at heart, with a small section devoted to children’s literature; so start saving that pocket money.

Photo by Aune Ainson
Photo by Aune Ainson

Or if books won’t satisfy, you’ll find a small section of DVDs and music as diverse as the selection of books.

If all those books are too overwhelming, take a break and sit yourself down at the large wooden table on the ground floor and kick back with the daily newspaper or book of your choice. This bookshop, unlike many others, takes pride in its literature. Books protrude from the walls as if the walls themselves were made of words and paper, breaking through the ceiling above.

Ulises certainly takes the “ish” out of bookish. So scale the shelves with Señor Marquez, sit back with Miss Austin and let Señor P. Neruda do the talking, as they guide you through the ever expanding literary world that is Ulises.

Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 21:00
Sunday 12:00 – 19:00

Paseo Lastaria
José Victorino Lastarria 70 Loc. 2
Santiago Centro
Fono: 6384124
Metro: Universidad Catolica (linea uno)

Casa Matriz
Andrés de Fuenzalida 48
Fono: 2311013
Metro: Los leones (linea uno)

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