Andres Godoy at Sala SCD

As the procrastinating populace of the U.S. was furiously licking stamps and racing to the post office to meet the tax postmark deadline of April 15th, Andres Godoy was in Sala SCD Vespucio preparing for his farewell concert prior to his European tour.

Photo by Joanna Rozniak
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

Godoy is known for “Ta-tap,” a technique of guitar playing with one hand he invented only after losing his entire right arm at the age of 14. His fans are familiar with the unique one-handed playing style consisting of various percussive techniques -- tapping, tugging, thumping, hammering, strumming and finger-picking to produce chords, melodies, harmonies and rhythms simultaneously. Nevertheless on Thursday’s show, they were in for a surprise.

Photo by Joanna Rozniak
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

Although many of the songs were the same, this performance was a new sound for Godoy. It was a fuller, richer version of his songs, as if he had found a new way to fill in the previous outlines of his existing songs with rich percussion, vocals, piano chords and guitar riffs.

He even creatively used the rhythmic crinkling of plastic grocery bags as a percussion device to emulate the sound of a moving train in the song “Tren del Paseo,” (which Godoy attributes to a suggestion from Joe Vasconcellos.)

Photo by Joanna Rozniak
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

Accompanied by his son Bruno Godoy on drums, Jaime Medel on piano, guitar and vocals, Claudio Vera on bass, guitar and vocals, and Juan Sobarzo on percussion, he had the audience sing along to the chorus of "Crisis" and held them in guitar-picking awe during "Angeles y Mosquitos."

As this show was being recorded for an upcoming DVD documentary to be released later this year, he played many of his songs from previous CDs and his last, "La Risa o el Send," and ended with "Soñar Cosas Bonitas."

This night the audience at Sala SCD Vespucio witnessed the birth of something new in the music of Andres Godoy but Chile will have to wait for his return from Europe to see what he has in store next.

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