Beats Collective: An Underground Live Project

The underground electro scene in Santiago is something that has interested me for a while, so when I heard that Beats Collective, a Santiago production company that works audiovisual, graphic design, and photography events, was putting on a party, I wasn't about to miss it...

Beats Collective session (photo by Madame)
Beats Collective session (photo by Madame)

Upon entering the venue, Espacio Mayú, I was simultaneously hit with the relaxing aroma of incense and the phat bass. And only four blocks from the Santa Lucia metro, it wasn’t hard to find.

DJs Vicente Sanfuentes, Matias Riveras, Imaabs, and Zafria were all on the turn table bill, along with a live set from Fantasna. The scene started getting more crowded around 1:30 to 2:00 and onward into the night. It was a night of relaxed people and bumping tracks that riveted through your body while the light show provided the visual flair. There was also a terrace for some fresh air, a rest, and perhaps a naughty cigarette.

DJ (Photo by Madame)
DJ (Photo by Madame)

For those interested in exploring Santiago’s electro circuit, as well as the graphic and photography scenes, Beats Collective provides information about the underground culture and the fusion of the three. It is a self-described “simple meeting of friends to transform a big business back to the individual.”

The group organizes events and has promoted bands and DJs since 2006 in non-traditional environments. They can rock out in spaces ranging from small abandoned houses and open spaces to galleries and restaurants - to name a few.

Decks (photo by Madame)
Decks (photo by Madame)

Just like the music scene is constantly changing and developing, so are the locations and events. In 2006, BC began with artists that experimented with hip-hop, broken samples and loops, and drum & bass sounds. Since then, the collective's music artists have taken things further by mixing Latin American music with dubstep and drawing inspiration from the international scene.

BC is un proyecto en vivo (live project). It is not just a collective of DJs: bands, musicians, painters, writers, and music lovers participate and undertake the project. BC invites both recorded and non-recorded artists to their events, and aims to distribute music and projects not necessarily in contrast to mass distribution, but more to think of innovative ways to deliver.

Lighbulb (photo by Madame)
Lighbulb (photo by Madame)

To get more of an idea of a Beats Collective night for yourself, the next event will be held in Plaza Ñuñoa this upcoming Saturday, July 13, at the Microclub Zuma. There will be DJ sets from Imaab and Zifras again as well as Alejandro Villanueva and a live set from Voagari.

For further details on Beats Collective events and artists check the group's Facebook page, where you can learn more about their platform for emerging creative impulses.

Beats Collective
Saturday, July 13, 2013
No cover
Microclub Zumo
Irarrazabal 3313 esquina Holanda, a pasos de la plaza de Ñuñoa
Buses from Avenida Providencia 212 or 104

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