Bombyx Mori Will Rock You…Like a Baby

If you think you might like intricate indie folk fused with Latin American folklore and spiced up with the finest of electronica’s ilk, Bombyx Mori is a live act worth following.

(bombyx-03.jpg Photo courtesy Gonzalo Ignacio Espinoza Bravo)

The band's songs are mellow but engrossing, each skillfully creating a warm and whimsical ambience with soppy lyrics, charming harmonies and long instrumental passages.

(bombyx-05.jpg Photo courtesy Gonzalo Ignacio Espinoza Bravo)

The four boys of Bombyx Mori like to experiment, fuse and splice folk, rock ballads, Latin music and electronica, all while respecting their musical roots in Latin American folklore. They count Eduardo Gatti, Múm, Devendra Banhardt, Cocteau Twins and Congreso amongst their influences, but they resist classification and would prefer if you didn’t categorize either.

“The songs listened to separately can seem somewhat unclassifiable, but as a complete work, as a unit, there’s definitely a certain coherency,” says guitarist, bassist and programmer Leonardo Fontecillo.

Bombyx's following, a devoted lot, seemed to be chuffed by October’s live teaser of the upcoming album, El Desvelo, to be released January 2009.

“Bombyx Mori means silk worm, which suggests transformation and change, and we have changed with each album," Fontecillo says. "I think that with El Desvelo, our sound has matured and gone a bit further into its rock and folk elements.”

(bombyx-07.jpg Photo courtesy Gonzalo Ignacio Espinoza Bravo)

The concerts are quite passive experiences. The audience sits, reclined and dreamy but happy, and the musicians themselves don't put on a very high-energy show. Aside from the singer, the musicians give off the impression of artists at their craft tables, absorbed in their work and almost oblivious to the audience.

Though a visually fascinating spectacle, the performance feels more like an art show than a concert. It does, however, successfully demonstrate the band’s ability to project a quixotic and intimate mood, like a spell over the packed room.

The band urges you to consider its latest album a “47 minute concept.” Independent label Infanta Terrible, which produces the band, will have El Desvelo on sale in music shops across Santiago in early 2009.

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