Chico Trujillo at la Batuta

The venue’s large dance floor overflowed onto the staircase as others crowded the upper level, hanging over the railing. Disco ball overhead, the energy level steadily increased as Chico Trujillo’s show at la Batuta was set to begin.

jct-04.jpg Photo by José Miguel Vives

Chico Trujillo wasted no time with introductory words and immediately filled the building with their blend of Latin/ska/gypsy music. As one song ended another began, maintaining the endless energy and movement of their fans as they danced, sang and chanted the famous Chilean shout of “Eh, eh, eh, eh” all night long.

jct-05.jpg Photo by José Miguel Vives

Strangers became friends as people grabbed each other’s hand to twirl them around to the rhythm of the music. A toothless bum even jumped on stage at one point to dance and proudly exhibit his Che tattoo as the crowd cheered him on.

With a chaotic number of people on stage, it was enjoyable to just break from the crowd, sit back and watch the madness unfold.

The drummer regularly jumped out of his seat, the trombone playing shook his dreads; each member grooved in their own way, smiles plastered on their faces, mimicking those of the crowd. But all sitting and watching quickly returned to dancing and shouting as the music continued.

The reception of the Chilean born and bred band was not only warm, but eager, so it comes as a surprise that the government had to pass a law saying that 20% of all music played on the radio must come from Chile. Regardless, with bands like Chico Trujillo, it appears that Chilean radio is bound to become more energetic and interesting.

Chico Trujillo
La Batuta:
Jorge Washington 52, Plaza Ñuñoa
Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile
(0)2 274 7096

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