Chilean Pop Beats from Namuel

In Santiago's blooming pop, electronic and rock music scene, nineteen year old Manuel Grani? shines. A former journalism student, Manuel, known publicly as Namuel, gained recognition playing the keyboard in the band of popular Chilean singer, Javiera Mena. Mena gave Namuel his first break after he passed her a demo album on MySpace and then became a member of her permanent band, touring nationally in 2011.

Namuel onstage (photo courtesy of Namuel)
Namuel onstage (photo courtesy of Namuel)

After touring, Namuel decided to halt his journalism degree and pursue his passion, enrolling in a singing and music composition program at a music school in Providencia. In August this year he released his first official EP, Eterna, a collection of five original songs that mixes in both old and new compositions that come together in a blend of electro-fused pop and melodic retrospection.

“I want to do something good. I want to record things young people want to listen to,” he says.

Namuel (photo by Cat Allen)
Namuel (photo by Cat Allen)

Inspired by the Icelandic singer Björk, among other current pop artists, Namuel points to the seeming impermeability of the Chilean music market. Reserving time at a good and decent recording studio challenges many artists. However, current plans include a season of acoustic tunes at the Noi Vitacura Hotel, partnering singer Valeria Luna, lead singer of the Viña del Mar-group Lomofilia.

The singer also plans to release a new EP before the end of this year, a fresh, danceable sound to delight the youth of Santiago. Always maintaining five songs in each album, Namuel looks forward to creating new beats and keeping his records symmetrical, as he refers to them. Even after having unsuccessfully tried to reach several radio stations in Santiago, he refuses to give up on his passion project.

Namuel likes the Chilean public. While he supports those who leave the motherland to conquer new and more challenging frontiers, he would like to stay within his national territory for as long as possible. “I have faith being an artist here. I have faith being a musician in Chile,” he explains.

Self-declared "new" in the business, Namuel is eager to network and promote his sound.

If you want to give it a try, you can find, listen and download the Eterna EP on

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