Cholomandinga: "La Agüita de la Perdiz"

If the unthinkable has happened and you're being driven 'loca' by the seemingly ceasless sounds of Juana Fe, don't panic. "La Agüita de la Perdiz" by Concepción-based band "Cholomandinga" brings a breath of fresh air to the Chilean Music scene.

Photo courtesy Cholomandinga
Photo courtesy Cholomandinga

A sublime mix of all that Latin American music has to offer, the album has enough layers to satisfy even the most demanding of listeners. Ska, rock, cumbia and salsa all contribute to a compilation as diverse as Chile’s own vast landscape. It offers a varied change of pace to avoid boredom and to match whichever mood you are in. However, the best gems are hidden deep within, so perseverance is key. As you dig deeper, tracks as distinctive as the smoother than water, Talcahuano (Track 8) or the iconic cumbia melodies of Maria Bisagra (Track 11) will capture your attention.

Photo courtesy Cholomandinga
Photo courtesy Cholomandinga

As disparate as the content is, it is perfectly bound together by the underlying theme narrating ‘la vida chilena’. Lyrics are not as catchy as Americo’s “Te vas”, but they do have more substance. The somewhat random nature of the album guarantees its lasting appeal; even after a fortnight of listening you'll still be entertained. The same uniqueness goes for the band; it is a Cumbia group like no other.

If you have not heard of the band you are not alone. However, they are definitely not new to the scene, having been around since 1996 and having recently released their fourth album. They are comprised of a seven man team: Claudio Carrumba as vocalist, Iván Fredes on guitar, Samuel Maulenda on bass, Leonardo Espina as drummer, Nicholás Errázuriz on keyboard, Sebastián Barrera on clarinet and Miguel González and Álvaro "Tio" on percussion.

You can see them live on May 19th and 21st and June 2nd (concerts in various locations in Santiago; check MySpace for details).

Genre: Latin / Rock / Ska
Record Lable: Newone Management
Album preview available at

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