Ciclo Bicentenario Indie III at Sala SCD

SCD Vespucio opened its doors on the night of May 16th to Ciclo Bicentenario Indie III, an event organized by the Santiago-based record company Estudio Primante to showcase three of their hottest bands, RADAR, Inverness and Amongelatina.

Photo courtesy <a href="" target="_blank">Amongelatina</a>
Photo courtesy Amongelatina

First to take to the stage was RADAR, the newest band of the trio, whose thumping anthems brought a frantic energy to the stage.

Photo courtesy Radar
Photo courtesy Radar

Playing songs from their debut album Fiesta Freak!, their music was a blend of catchy pop-rock with jangly guitar chords of single "Despertar" bringing to mind John Wayne westerns. The softly lilting vocals were backed by high-speed, non-stop beats thrashed out by the drummer with near superhuman energy.

Their inspirations are drawn from Britain and closer to home, "British music inspires us," says singer Sebastian Bravo. "Britpop and rock. But we also love Babasónicos (early 90's Argentine rock group) and we have great friendship with and respect for [ex-Chilean band] Jirafa Ardiendo."

The atmosphere changed from foot-tapping feel-good pop to soaring beauty with the arrival of Inverness onstage, playing songs from their album Illuminaciones.

Photo courtesy <a href="" target="_blank">Inverness</a>
Photo courtesy Inverness

Their website cites their influences as, “lighthouses, fairy stories and laughter in the distance…” and their music perfectly fits this magical and other-worldly description.

“We work on a basis of beauty, both lyrics-wise and music-wise,” explains singer Rodrigo Jarque, “and beauty is always meant to lead to grandeur. We’d like to be a great band. The greatest.” The music mirrors these great ambitions; it evokes the wide expanses and ferocity of nature, the ethereal. "A los lugares que quieras ir" (To the places you want to go) brings to mind Sigur Rós’ all-encompassing choruses.

Rounding off the evening was Amongelatina, an explosion of pop, funk and a myriad of musical instruments. Synths blasted on "Selva de cemento" (Concrete jungle),

Photo courtesy <a href="" target="_blank">Amongelatina</a>
Photo courtesy Amongelatina

a Blade-runner style ode to Santiago, while the lead singer swapped his guitar for a flute halfway through the next song.

Laughing and joking around, Amongelatina had a fantastic rapport with the crowd, who screamed for an encore. This came in the form of "Rosa," a raw sing-a-long with an infectious chorus that had everyone joining in.

The night showcased some of the best new talent Santiago has to offer, and we hope to be hearing a lot more from all three bands in the future.




Ciclo Bicentenario Indie III
May 16, 2010
SCD Vespucio
Mall Plaza Vespucio, Local 110-A
La Florida

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