Diyei Pituto: I am a Clown; I am a DJ

“The social role of the clown, the mad man of the carnival, manifests itself mainly when it is able to unravel the false powers of society.” These profound words come from a man with a big red nose and comically oversized shoes; from Diyei Pituto.

Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera
Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera

Actor and musician Adrián Diaz’s alias, Diyei Pituto, is a clown whose mandate as master of ceremonies and iconoclast includes DJing.

Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera
Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera

So how does Diyei Pituto “unravel society’s false powers?” By turning the DJ-audience dynamic on its head. As a DJ, his mission is to be accessible and involved in the festivities - and the party is all the better for it. Diaz points out that DJs too often let their role of party-maker get to their heads, alienating themselves from the crowd, believing themselves above the audience’s preferences or their song requests.

This stems from Diaz’s long experience of performing prior to becoming a DJ. He studied theater at the Universidad de Chile, where he was influenced by Andrés del Bosque’s mix of circus and theater.

The performer’s acting has taken him all the way to Europe. As an actor in “Kadogo, Niño Soldado” by the theatrical company La Patriótico Interesante, Diaz traveled with the company to France and Spain for two months in 2009. Their circuit culminated with the Festival d’Aurillac, an internationally-known street theater festival in Aurillac, France.

Along with his long-running acting career, Diaz was committed to the Chilean rock band Gavana for seven years.

Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera
Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera

When this ended, Diaz was advised by many to pursue a job as a DJ. Diaz, who saw DJs as failed musicians and/or people who took fame simply by collecting and playing the creations of more worthy artists, was not enthralled by the idea.

Rooting himself in the figure of the clown who lives in error and failure, Diaz says he decided to take on his “frustration and failure” as a musician to create a new persona that would take the air out of the stereotypical DJ. Integrating a clown character was a logical choice for Diaz. Even his name satirizes the scene’s social networking style of see-and-be-seen - pituto is Chilean slang for an ‘advantageous contact.’

Readers may have seen Diyei Pituto in Juana Fe’s music video Click Click and headlining the Cumbioteca every Thursday in November. Invited guests were featured along with danceable cumbias from all of Latin America. For those that missed the Cumbioteca, there is another one planned for January (details below). Diaz is also starring in the presentation of the play “Kadogo, Niño Soldado” during its return to Santiago from December 4 through the 19th.

Adrián Diaz

La Cumbioteca de Diyei Pituto
January 2010
La Bodeguita de Julio
Constitución # 256, Barrio Bellavista
Santiago, Chile
Metro Baquedano
Check Diyei Pituto websites above for more info

“Kadogo, Niño Soldado”
December 4 to 19, 2009
Fridays and Saturdays 8:00 pm
General Entrance: CP$1,500 (USD$2.90)
Sala Chucre Manzur
Pasaje Chucre Manzur 7, Bario Bellavista
Metro Baquedano

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