Diyei Pituto - This Party is Full of Crazies

(The following article was translated to English by Sharlene Newman.)

A sort of clown with big shoes, a red nose, usually with some kind of hat and glasses, plus a red shirt complete the look of this character who lends spark to Santiago nights. Although skinny, he easily attracts the ladies. He is crowned the king of the dance, of cumbia and of the mambo: DJ Pituto.

Santiago Chile Diyei Pituto
Photo courtesy Diyei Pituto

He can be found at the most raging, sweat-inducing parties in this city. Along with Banda Conmoción, Chico Trujillo, Patricio Cobarde, Juana Fé or in the renowned Fonda Permanente “La Popular,” we can find him making everyone dance until they’ve exhausted every drop of energy and the sun starts to rise. The main act of a concert is no longer the most important aspect of a show; now the pre and post parties are also critical, where this DJ, along with DJ Picon, Negro Pesimo, DJ Cayo and DJ No! all play an essential role.

Santiago Chile Diyei Pituto
Photo courtesy Emilia Aguilera

I was surprised to discover how little time he has on the decks. In one year he’s managed to become a tremendously well-known name, synonymous with a guaranteed night of entertainment, start to finish.

For Adrian Díaz (31), actor at the Universidad de Chile and member of the company “La Patriótico Interesante,” his recipe for success is to play a mix of the music that permeates the collective unconscious, along with offerings from today’s music scene. Such a wide selection of Latin American music can raise the dead, and not even the lamest stiff can avoid dancing and singing along.

Most importantly, HE DOESN’T PLAY GRINGO MUSIC. This may be because music in English generally is already so wide spread, or because the market has not promoted Afro-American mixes that fuse influences up to the present day, or because we have such good dance music that there’s no reason to use foreign popular music

Santiago Chile Diyei Pituto
Photo courtesy Diyei Pituto

(or maybe it's just out of personal taste and style).

The thing is, listening to his mixes takes you on a tour through the songbooks of Víctor Jara, Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Calle 13, Manu Chao along with the whole cumbia repertoire that we’ve grown up listening to, as well as the ones we haven’t yet heard. It’s like going to see a lot of gigs at the same time, and being content because they’re playing all of your favorite hits from back in the day, even if it’s in a makeshift, cheese-ball venue.

Can I give you some advice? If you’re looking for a rocking party where the night turns longs and blends into the after hours, where you'll find yourself dancing until you can no longer, look for any space where this cumbia icon is throwing down and you will definitely not regret it. The energy bottled inside DJ Pituto is limitless!

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