Don't Blow Off 'Miss Garrison'

She is disrobed, sadomasochistic, and duct taped provocatively at the back of the stage. She is “Miss Garrison,” the plastic blow up doll that is the mascot and inspiration for a crazy Chilean band with the same name. The doll has quite a history and apparently purchased the band on the black market to satisfy her obscure fantasies and sexual desires.

They’re pretty out there.

Photo by Robert Silva
Photo by Robert Silva

Though only three members (four if you include the doll), their sound is trippy, complex and distinct, extending far beyond the realms of your average alt-rock band. The music is tribal, intense and electric, the soundtrack to some crazy video game; like Bowser’s Castle on acid.

Some songs are fast, loud and with a lot of swearing. Others, like “Quimical Efecto,” and “La dictadura de la libido” are sharp, a bit warped and entrancing.

Photo by Robert Silva
Photo by Robert Silva

The drummer (female) sings lead, plays keyboard and puts on a show. She screams, moans, rolls her eyes to the back of her head and has a nice squeak to the end of her words – ecstasy on the drums. The guitarist (male) is extremely talented and technically savvy, using multiple pedals, effects, a lot of treble and distortion, and strange upbeat, rapid fire strumming patterns. The bassist (male) keeps a nice pulse, plays keyboard and sings too.

One thing was puzzling: Why so few people at the show? I guess their music doesn’t appeal to everybody and it was a school night, but after seeing them, I would have thought they’d have a bigger crowd. Most of the people in attendance were friends of the band, with a couple village drunks sprinkled in. I felt bad that such a good band had to deal with hammered dudes messing with the equipment and trying to get on stage.

The band works hard. They’re professional, a bit strange and well worth a shot.

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