In-Edit Nescafé film festival: Music for the eyes

The 9th annual In-Edit Nescafé film festival kicked off in Santiago on Thursday 6th December and offers music documentary fans ten days of cinematic bliss. The festival, which also runs in Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Berlin, gives Santiaguinos and those just passing through the chance to enjoy any of the fifty international and Chilean films entered in the competition as well as a number of other screenings and cool events.

Chancho en Piedra: 12 Horas; 16 Años en Escena (image courtesy of In-Edit)
Chancho en Piedra: 12 Horas; 16 Años en Escena (image courtesy of In-Edit)

The festival is hosting a film marathon of classic and recent music-docs running from dusk until dawn (Saturday 8th, Cine Arte Alameda, 23:30). There’s also an open-air premiere of the new Rolling Stones documentary 'Charlie is my Darling' (Saturday 15, 21:00, in front of the MAC Bellas Artes) and a series of live music events at Bar Loreto in the Bellavista neighbourhood. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to chat with international guest speakers, the Oscar-winning Scottish director Kevin Macdonald (Monday 10, 11:30, Universidad Católica) and Executive Director of Cannes Film Festival Jérôme Paillard (Friday 7, 11:30). Film buffs can also check out the top ten ever music films as voted for by experts at this year’s In-Edit Barcelona.

Marley (image courtesy of In-Edit)
Marley (image courtesy of In-Edit)

Festival co-ordinator, Angela Precht, took a moment out of her busy schedule to speak to us. She expressed her excitement about the event and welcomed the international community in Santiago to the festival. “Although In-Edit will show many new Chilean films, the festival is international at its heart as it is planned mainly in Barcelona. We aim to accommodate for the international community in Chile at the festival – only one film is not in English or does not have subtitles.”

Precht also revealed that additional guest speakers might yet be confirmed at the event.

“This is not concrete as yet, but we have invited one of the directors of 'Charlie is my Darling', and Jay Bulger, the director of 'Beware of Mr Baker' to speak as well.”

Manuel Garcia, La Ciudad de Mis Canciones (image courtesy of In-Edit)
Manuel Garcia, La Ciudad de Mis Canciones (image courtesy of In-Edit)

Filmmakers are competing for four coveted accolades: the prize for Best International Film, Best National Film, Best National Short Film and the Audience Prize, which is voted for by the viewing public through paper ballots distributed at film screenings.

Hotly tipped in this year in this year’s International category is Kevin Macdonald’s visually-stunning look at the life of Jamaican reggae sensation Bob Marley 'Marley', Rolling Stones documentary featuring lost footage from an Irish tour in 1965 'Charlie is my Darling', and the acclaimed 'Searching for Sugarman', which won both the Best Documentary award at Sundance and Best International Film at In-edit Barcelona earlier this year.

Chilean films entered in In-Edit Nescafé’s National category will be popular with fans of the country’s rich music scene as artists featured in this year’s documentaries include Congreso, Emociones Clandestinas, Chancho En Piedra, Sexual Democracia, and Los Rockers, as well as folk and jazz singers Rodrigo Recabarren, Pascuala Ilabaca, and Rosita Serrano.

Crear en Viaje: La Música de Pascuala Ilabaca (image courtesy of In-Edit)
Crear en Viaje: La Música de Pascuala Ilabaca (image courtesy of In-Edit)

Attending the festival:

Tickets to films are US$6.25 (CLP$3,000) and can be purchased from each theater’s box office. An all-event pass can be purchased for US$30 (CLP$14,000) at Teatro NESCAFÉ de las Artes, Centro GAM, Cine UC and the website Ticketek.

Teatro Nescafé de Las Artes
Manuel Montt 032, Providencia

Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM)
Alameda 177, Santiago

Sala CineUC (Centro de Extensión Universidad Católica)
Alameda 390, Santiago

Centro Arte Alameda
Alameda 139, Santiago

Cine Hoyts La Reina
Avenida Ossa 655, La Reina

For more information about the event, visit the In-Edit Nescafé website

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