Fiesta Star Party with 'Glucosa'

There have been very few times when I’ve decided to go check out a band immediately after listening to only one of their songs - this past Friday night was such a moment. The song was called Vania, the band was Glucosa, and they were live on stage at Club Le Trianon in the Barrio Brasil neighborhood.

Photo by Robert Silva
Photo by Robert Silva

There's very little information available on the band's myspace page (, but the two songs listed are really fantastic. Fun and catchy, with an element of punk rock, they clearly exemplified what I imagined when hearing the words, "pop-punk." Music that’s enjoyable to listen to yet manages to stay fresh after the 5th play.

Photo by Robert Silva
Photo by Robert Silva

The band was playing at a fundraiser of sorts called “Fiesta Star Party," benefiting the "Caramelos Solidarios" organization whose goal is to collect candy for underprivileged children. As such, the cover charge consisted of nothing more than a bag of candy to contribute to their cause. I'll spare you the details of the difficulty involved in finding a bag of candy for sale at 11pm on a Friday night. In any case, you can find out more about the organization on their website:

Although I suppose I should have expected a fundraiser-type crowd, I was still somewhat surprised when I stepped inside and found just about everyone sitting at tables. An interesting mix of adults and teenagers(?), it was quite a shame that most of the people stayed in their seats, save for a few very, very enthusiastic fans and several people taking photos or hanging out in the back. Apparently part of the night’s events also included a fashion show with recycled/recyclable materials – which helps explain the two girls that appeared out of nowhere dancing in aluminum can outfits.

I’m not entirely sure how old the members of the band are, but I was struck by how cleanly they played- this was clearly not a band that had just begun playing together the other day. Their songs were easily something a younger, fuller crowd could have a blast with and I really hope they keep getting the word out and visit other venues soon. They have a single/demo out ("Vania") which I received a copy of and have already added to my iTunes library.

An upbeat, fun sound I recommend you check out-

More information and music available on the band's myspace page:

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