Folk Yourself with 'Los Perrosky'

With Johnny Cash-like rhythms and a lead singer reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Santiaguino duo “Los Perrosky” is moving up the ranks of Chile’s folk scene. Despite the fact that folk music may not be topping the weekly charts, these brothers have acquired quite a following of Santiago’s young and trendy.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Carla Pastén

Brothers Alvaro and Alejandro Gomez, who work together in punk-garage-rock band “Guiso,” decided to create a different sound with “Los Perrosky” in 2002. Since then, the band has been performing catchy, indie tracks and bending genres to the delight of Santiago’s music scenesters.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Carla Pastén

On stage, it’s hard to say which Álvaro Gómez owns with more style; his drum set or his amazing Mars Volta-like floppy afro. He plays with casual ease, pushing his hair back and smirking proudly at his brother from time to time.

In a matching white shirt and black tie, vocalist and guitarist Alejandro Gómez plays while humbly and adorably mumbling his lyrics with some enchanting harmonica sprinkled in. What he lacks in afro he makes up for with quiet charisma, a compelling voice and a Dylan-esque stage persona. But sometimes, contrastingly, he picks up his voice, shouting and wailing for a surprisingly charming effect.

Although “Los Perrosky” definitely falls under the folk category, their quirky style and controlled sound helps them find an audience among indie listeners and blues aficionados alike.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Carla Pastén

With their latest CD, El Ritmo y La Calle (2007), Alvaro explains that the group “covers many styles, and this appeals to many people, even an older crowd.” He also notes that the album, “is the most versatile album that has come from Algo Records,” due to it’s multidimensional garage rock, blues, and folk inspiration. The label houses the brothers' other band, “Guiso,” the rock group “Hielo Negro” and psychedelic rock band “The Ganjas.”

The duo is constantly busy, playing shows to all of Santiago, ranging from trendy hipsters to die-hard older followers. Their inspirations come from many groups, ranging from Atahualpa Yupanqui to Elvis Presley to Violeta Parra.

Live, they perform hits like the “La Rancherita” and “Felicidad” off of their albums Añejo (2002) and Otra Vez (2004). They also play songs off the just-released Doblado al Español. In this 2009 album, the brothers have honed in on their distinct style with catchy songs like, “La Quinta Normal.”

So if you’re looking for something fresh and different amongst Santiago’s wannabe hipster or cumbia scene, check out the captivating and unassuming “Los Perrosky” and witness the Gomez brothers rouse a crowd.

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