Gustavo Cerati: The Majestic Strength of Nature

Argentinean powerhouse musician, Gustavo Cerati, proved why he is one of Latin America’s most famous and recognized artists. At Movistar Arena on November 30, and before 10,000 people, the guitarist performed his fifth solo album, Fuerza Natural presenting thirteen new songs.

Photo by Antonio Rubio, courtesy Prensa Gustavo Cerati
Photo by Antonio Rubio, courtesy Prensa Gustavo Cerati

Cerati, performed an overture of rock and folk strokes accompanied by his talented band: Richard Coleman, second guitarist; Fernando Nalé, bassist; Gonzalo Córdoba, third guitarist; Anita Álvarez de Toeldo, backing vocals; Leando Fresco, keyboards and synths; and Fernando Samalea; drummer.

Photo by Antonio Rubio, courtesy Prensa Gustavo Cerati
Photo by Antonio Rubio, courtesy Prensa Gustavo Cerati

The famed singer played songs such as “Magia,” “Destastre,” “Déjà Vu” and “Dominó.” “Rapto,” the second promotional single, wrapped the people up with its electronic wink. Then Cerati said: “We're going to play the entire Fuerza Natural and, then, the rest of the songs. I hope you came prepared for the journey”.

The Cerati journey continued with a select blend of his country and folk songs like “Amor sin rodeos,” “Convoy” and “Cactus.” After seductive performances of “Naturaleza Muerta” and “He visto a Lucy,” with sexy backing vocals, the concert took a romantic turn with the song “Sal.” Its soft chords and incredible riffs submerged the attendees in an ocean of music.

Gustavo Cerati constantly apologized to the public for having to cancel the show back on November 28 due to tonsillitis. He repeatedly joked: “Do you believe in magic? And in antibiotics?.”

The 50-year old singer didn't forget his other repertoire: Soda Stereo. “Zona de promesas” was the only Soda Stereo song that he played; it was a tribute to Mercedes Sosa, the Argentine folk singer who died earlier this year. Cerati did not leave the evening without giving out a taste from his previous albums either.

From Bocanada (1999), “Paseo Inmoral” and “Puente” were present along with Siempre es hoy (2002). The hits “Cosas Imposibles” and “Vivo,” two memorable songs from that album, were also played. Of course, the successful Ahí Vamos (2006) -a rock disc with strong guitars- received thunderous applause during songs like “Crimen,” “La excepción,” “Adiós,” “Lago en el cielo” and “Jugo de luna.”

The guitarist committed to returning to Chile sometime in 2010. He'll carry on delighting us with his majestic strength of nature.

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Gustavo Cerati
November 30, 2009
Movistar Arena

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