Mecánico: Foreign sound made by Chilean musicians

Mecánico, a vibrant band formed by five musically inclined friends, has slowly acquired their own space in the current Chilean music scene. Their eighties inspired, pop-rock fusion sound has become a major part of parties and alternative music festivals throughout the country.

Mecanico will be at the Chilean version of Lollapalooza 2013
Mecanico will be at the Chilean version of Lollapalooza 2013

Yet, the group realized its first steps abroad. Nico Parra (vocalist) studied music in Canada and presented the initial concept of Mecánico to his friends after returning to Chile in 2010. Nico and bassist Ignacio Ramirez started playing together and casually collaborating on the musical ideas that eventually became a first EP.

"At that time the band still hadn’t been created, so we devoted ourselves to showing our music at an international level. We were only two people and because of that we couldn’t do many live shows. So we focused on showing our music abroad as records and then created the band so we could start doing gigs," comments Ramirez.

Mecanico's English lyrics allow the band to target foreign fans. In 2011, following the incorporation of Omar Van de Wyngard on drums, Fernando Soro on guitar and vocals and Malaquías Concha on keyboard, Mecánico recorded "Street Royal," a single that received airplay on national and international radio. The single climbed to number one on the Indonesian station Play Fm Panembang, above mega acts like Interpol.

 Band Line-up (photo courtesy of Mecánico)
Band Line-up (photo courtesy of Mecánico)

With this success, the newly formed group began touring the international indie and electro alternative scene playing alongside groups like Chromeo, Miami Horror, Bag Raiders, The Sounds, and Capital Cities. Ignacio says, “It was so cool to be on a stage like that, because it allowed us to advance very quickly. We got to be a well-known band in a very short time”.

Malaquías, keyboardist of Mecanico, also emphasizes the importance of forming links with foreign groups. These friendships allow the band to push their music on a worldwide platform, giving Mecánico more creative space on which to experiment and perform their music.

Now deeply submerged in a new creative process, the band constantly challenges themselves musically. Ignacio, drummer and founding member says, “We believe we have our own way of writing songs which, when mixed with the way of playing guitar, bass or drums, makes a final result full of energy in our live performances. When you cross this with the recording, between digital and analogous, plus a singer like Nicolás, it gives us a pretty distinct style. All this mixture marks the difference in our sound”.

Legacy is the name of his new single
Legacy is the name of his new single

Not just a hobby, these friends dedicate themselves fully to their unique sound. Omar, drummer for the band, comments that in spite of the fact that they cannot support themselves through music, all the members still invest a large amount of time in Mecánico.

"There’s a sort of socially understood sense that playing music is a leisure activity, but we see it as work and a priority for all of us", he says.

The last video for Mecánico's second single, “Legacy,” clearly defines their sound and direction. The song demonstrates their principal influences of the sounds of the eighties, like The Smiths or New Order, blended with contemporary electronic sounds.

These days Mecánico takes part in many massive music festivals in Chile. In December they will preform at Mysteryland, sharing stages with important representatives of emerging Chilean music as well as international DJs and other foreign artists. Next year they will take part in Lollapalooza Chile, one of the few Chilean bands selected for the event.

Mecánico continues to make their mark, adding more fans in Chile and abroad. Bilboard en Español recently choose Mecánico as one of the best bands in Latin America.

The boys continue working hard, intending to gain even more success.

More information about Mecanico and events can be found at the following sites:

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