Oh My God It’s Oh Margot!!

There’s nothing better than the monotonous, repetitive “boom, chuck, boom, chuck” of reggaeton blasting through the clubs of Santiago. At least that’s what you’ll hear from the locals. Fortunately, Oh Margot proved this wrong with an incredible indie rock sound reminiscent of bands from the United States.

Photo by Samuel Ponce
Photo by Samuel Ponce

On entering the venue, ONACIU, two things came to mind. First, it resembled a grandma’s back parlor room with its peeling paint and hanging light fixtures and secondly the atmosphere was comparable to a Chilean Night of the Living Dead. That is to say, the crowd was pretty typical of the regular Santiago scene: lackluster.

Photo by Samuel Ponce
Photo by Samuel Ponce

However, as the band started playing everything seemed to fall into place and the atmosphere made sense. The grungy club filled with a small group of followers and groupies. This was this epitome of indie rock.

Oh Margot fought an uphill battle trying to bring the crowd to dance or even move, but the members jumped around the stage with incredible energy. By the end of their set they had accomplished the impossible, turning the zombie fest into a sea of cheering and clapping.

Oh Margot is made up of lead singer and guitarist Jose Rojas, bassist Sebastian “Chacho” Vasquez, Ariadna “Chichi” Quappe and drummer Fabian “Fab” Ciraolo. The band met through a recording studio/ band collective called Estudio Primate about a year ago. Since then they have been playing gigs throughout Santiago and nearby areas.

Photo by Samuel Ponce
Photo by Samuel Ponce

Although the members stick to a rigorous practice schedule, and have played at least one show a week in various bars and clubs, they still lack the recognition they crave. Jose Rojas explained that they play songs such as “Velvet Blue Eyes” and “Strange Days” in both English and Spanish depending on the venue, but they can‘t decide which direction they really want to go.

“Our main goal is be able to reach the United States with our music,” Jose stated, expressing his frustration. However, the members feel the only way for this to happen is by singing in English which, according to Jose, makes the band illegitimate to Chilean listeners. It’s really a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

With the work ethic that Oh Margot shows and the energy and sound they put out, the band is definitely worth seeing. They are currently putting together their first CD for distribution to radio stations and other promotional media sources.

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