Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Best Show Ever’

A sign of a good concert is the number of teenage girls you can make cry by the time you leave the stage. Judging by the number of girls who sat on the floor of the Movistar Arena with eye-liner dripping into their ear-to-ear grins, Panic! At The Disco without a doubt rocked their show.

Photo by Derek Lactaoen
Photo by Derek Lactaoen

On Nov. 10, the pop-punk band performed for their first time in Chile, wooing their mostly-teenage audience by telling them that this was “the best show we have ever played, and I mean it,” said a sweating Brendon Urie through pants and sips from his water bottle. “I could die tonight and die a happy, happy man. I just might do it.”

Panic! At The Disco gave their Chilean and international fans a flawless performance in which the fast pace of the music and the transitions between songs kept the crowd jumping en masse, pumping their fists and screaming, a scene more reminiscent of a Colo-Colo game than of a concert.

Photo by Derek Lactaoen
Photo by Derek Lactaoen

After selling over 2.2 million records of their debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and the large success of their second album Pretty Odd, Panic! At The Disco has a large, international following which spans age and social groups.

Santiago’s punk, Goth, Pokémon, “cuico” and hipster subcultures all came out for the show, a crowd that speaks to Panic!’s wide range of musical talent. Boys in skinny-jeans and baseball t-shirts accompanied by girls with multi-colored hair and face paint shared the VIP section alongside Santiago’s version of yuppies.

Although Urie was the only one to speak to the crowd, just as important was band-member and drummer Spencer Smith who played guitar for the Santiago show. After guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker left the band in July, citing creative differences, Panic! began touring with two awesome stand-ins on drums and bass.

In between songs, Urie told his fans that the band was glad to be in Chile and that they’ve wanted to come here for a long time. He followed it up by saying that the Santiago crowd easily made for a better audience than Brazil, a statement which was met with a roar of applause and screams.

Like any good performer, Urie played many roles during the performance: singer, guitarist, pianist and comedian, “Somebody told us about “piscola” and pisco sours,” said Urie, trying to put some sort of Chilean accent on the foreign words. “But we’re definitely in the mood to go out. Yes, we’re in the mood. And if you’re in the mood, this next song is all about having sex.”

Photo by Derek Lactaoen
Photo by Derek Lactaoen

The band followed that up by playing “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.”

Moved by the idea of romance and the band’s charm, a few bold girls wearing hand-made Panic! T-shirts hurled teddy bears, flowers and other homemade gifts to the singers. After fumbling a stuffed heart thrown by a fan, Urie picked it up and used it as a towel to wipe his face. The shrieks coming from all parts of the arena signaled approval and adoration for the band’s front man.

In the spirit of their “best concert ever,” Urie satisfied a few wishes at the end of the show by shamelessly jumping off the stage and rushing up the fence of the VIP section where wandering hands had their way with the singer. Security staff rolled their eyes and pried Urie from the railings as he found his way back to the stage during their final song.

Panic!’s most recent work involves their single “New Perspective,” which they played during their show. Despite the song’s relatively short existence, the crowd sang along in flawless English. The song is part of the soundtrack for the movie Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox which debuted Thursday Oct. 15.

The band expects to release their third full album sometime early in 2010.

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