Pedropiedra: Back Home and Solo

Donning a white suit with a red, white and blue ribbon strewn across like Miss Universe, Pedro "Piedra" Subercaseaux, a founding member of Chilean hip-hop group CHC, appeared onstage for the early May release of his first solo album, Pedropiedra.

pedropiedras-ina-06.jpg Photo by Iván Núñez

The rest of his band joined him wearing suits and shades at a packed Sala SCD Bellavista, in the Bellavista barrio of Santiago (see photos).

pedropiedras-ina-07.jpg Photo by Iván Núñez

When the music began, it became apparent that there would be no hip-hop involved in the performance but instead a type of pop/rock with incredible, jazzy use of the keyboard, some high-pitched sounds from the synthesizers and an overall upbeat, soul-like feel. What seemed a bit ironic was the serious, smile-and-dance-free manner in which Pedropiedra performed the assuredly happy songs that he himself produced.

However, to a native Spanish speaker this apparent contradiction was dissolved.

"There were some recurrent themes in the lyrics,” one Chilean audience member recounted after the show. “Lots of the songs were about loneliness, an idea that what is good in life has an end and a discussion of internal thoughts."

To someone who is not fluent in Spanish, it may be difficult to appreciate Pedropiedra’s lyrics. The combination of introspective lyrics with upbeat music is what gives his music its unique character.

pedropiedras-ina-01.jpg Photo by Iván Núñez

The artist, who has been in Chile's music scene for over a decade, started working on his self-titled album two years ago while in Mexico in pursuit of a record deal for his group CHC. Although this did not work out, the thirty-year-old musician came back with enough solo recordings under his belt for an album.

Pedropiedra’s self-titled album can be purchased at most Punto Musical shops in Santiago. The next chance to check out this artist in concert is at the Centro Cultural Amanda on Monday, June 15th, 2009.

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