Pepsi Music Fest Day 3: Molotov, Los Piojos and Bersuit Dish Out Latin Rock Flavor

The third episode of the 2009 Pepsi Music Fest revealed yet another side of Santiago’s music-loving populace. Thursday night featured Latin rock bands Molotov, Los Piojos and Bersuit Vergarabat that brought out a louder, harder and darker demographic of the city to Movistar Arena than Mike Patton and Chris Cornell had done the night before.

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Though the turnout was about half of Day 2's attendance, the mob was just as loud and twice as rowdy. People were jumping barriers, shedding clothing and getting kicked out the entire night.

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Molotov stirred up the crowd early on with its slur-ridden, insubordination-inspiring, headbang-inducing Mexican rap-metal that the fans devoured. The song "Frijolero," which repeatedly featured the phrase “Pinche gringo puñetero” (f***ing gringo jerk), made the air somewhat tense for U.S. citizens in attendance (which might have been just me), but it turned out not to be an attack on Americans themselves.

“Our drummer Randy is American,” lead singer Tito Fuentes said in an interview. "The song is about the problems on the [U.S.-Mexican] border and the unfair treatment of laborers there.”

“It’s incredible to go to other countries and have the people embrace our music,” Fuentes added. “Thank you, danke schoen, merci beaucoup y muchas gracias.”

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Argentine rock band Los Piojos followed Molotov with a brighter, tighter and more refined performance. Lead singer, harmonica and rhythm guitar player Andrés Ciro Martinez’s kept everyone enthralled with amusing stage antics, which included the adornment of his boxing robe with the moniker “Como Ali” (Like Ali) printed on the back, along with fun dancing and peculiar between-song discourses like, “Your city is very pretty. I love the fish here. The reineta is delicious.”

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Finally, headliner Bersuit Vergarabat, one of the most successful Argentine rock bands of the past couple decades, closed out the night with a fiery performance of many songs infused with political statements. The lyrics seemed to stir the fire of a blazing crowd, drawing the loudest applause of the night and by far the most mayhem. Fortunately, security brought their A-game and the crowd's excitement never got entirely out of hand.

Bersuit performed songs including “En La Rivera,” “Cachaca,” “Perro Amor,” “Tuyu” and “Cobranza” to the cheers of the masses, ending with an encore that featured “Murguita” and “La Bolsa” to close out the spectacular, eye-opening night of Latin rock.

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