Pepsi Music Fest Day 6: Sonic Youth Finally Plays in Chile

The 2009 Pepsi Music Fest locomotive of concerts kept chugging away Sunday night when Sonic Youth tore through Movistar Arena, dousing its sizeable Chilean fan base for the first time with its screaming noise rock.

(itemId=7781 Photo by Carla Pasten)

The concert (see photos) was the latest in the festival that has presented acts including Peter Gabriel, Mike Patton and Chris Cornell, Latin rock (Molotov, Los Piojos, Bersuit), teen pop-punk (The Academy Is) and '80s night (Blondie, Rick Astley, a-ha).

(itemId=7777 Photo by Carla Pasten)

Though the number of attendees wasn’t as large as prior nights (possibly due to the coinciding “Día de Joven Combatiente” or the Chile-Perú soccer match), the crowd surfing, head banging and even streaking bunch showed beyond a doubt how hyped they were to have Sonic Youth playing in their homeland.

Chilean groups Energumeno, Betty Boy! and Los Teloneros opened up the night before the New York City-based headliners lit up the arena with hemorrhaging guitars that were played using everything from drum sticks, sides of speakers, fans’ heads, the stage floor and even other guitars to the jarring screams of the grungy mob of attendees.

After performing an 18-song playlist including "Teenage Riot," "Incinerate," "The Sprawl" and "Schizophrenia," the band made two encore performances and left the crowd begging for more but ecstatic with what they had just witnessed.

“I’ve been waiting 13 years for this concert,” said Joe Pastillas, Sonic Youth fanatic and photographer. “I just wanted to tell them thank you.”

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