Pepsi Music Fest Day 7: KISS Army Chile, Alive and Well

Legendary rock band KISS and its face-painted, platform stomping, ear pounding, flame throwing extravaganza lit up the sold-out Estadio Municipal de La Florida in Santiago Friday night with the loudest, brightest and hottest concert of the festival.

itemId=7741 Photo by Carla Pasten

This final installment of Pepsi Music Fest was KISS’ first performance in Chile since 1997 (see photos) and featured a barrage of pyrotechnics, confetti, fireworks and amplifiers that left nothing to be desired by any card-carrying, flag waving, air-guitar playing, tongue wagging KISS Army member.

itemId=7735 Photo by Carla Pasten

“Santiago is a rock city,” guitarist and lead singer Paul Stanley screamed in between songs. “We love you!”

After Chilean rock band Racimo opened for the night, the New York City-based headliners burned through classics including “Detroit Rock City,” “Lick It Up,” “I Was Made For Loving You,” “I Love It Loud,” “Shout It Out Loud” and classic rock anthem “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

Bassist Gene Simmons flailed his larger-than-life tongue, breathed fire, spewed “blood” and even soared to rock from the rafters. Stanley ziplined from the stage to a tower in the center of the stadium, flying over the outstretched hands of the shrieking crowd. Lead guitarist Tommy Thayer shot fireworks out of the head of his guitar and drummer Eric Singer and his drum platform were lifted into the air above gusts of fog.

Even if you weren’t a huge KISS fan, you had to appreciate the immense spectacle and would still be in awe of the amount of coordination and organization it took to pull such a complex act off without a hitch.

itemId=7727 Photo by Carla Pasten

The grand finale performance of “Detroit Rock City” appeared to feature about every piece of pyrotechnics available in the Santiago metro area with fireworks popping over the stadium, flames bursting, spouting and spinning on the stage as well as an engulfing fog spewing from the sides and cannons of confetti showering the crowd.

After the show, friends were high fiving, KISS families were hugging, ears were ringing and faces were beaming as attendees relished in what they just had witnessed: one of the best rock shows of all time and the perfect cap to an intense, action-packed music festival.

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