Photo Gallery: Claudia Acuña at Nescafé de las Artes

On May 22nd, Chilean vocalist Claudia Acuña performed at the Teatro Nescafé de las Artes and Revolver was present to capture her reunion with the Chilean public.

Acuña, who normally resides in New York, gave a sober and elegant performance in which she emphasized her vocal abilities above any other stage element. The artist presented a jazz repertoire, accompanied mainly by musicians who do not usually perform this style, with the exception of pianist Carmen Paz González in whom the public could recognize elements of swing.

Today, Claudia performs on stage with the serenity and fullness of someone who has been able to succeed and excel in the jazz capital of the world, but who, at the same time, has also been able to connect with more essential elements of life through spiritual work and motherhood.

Will this performance mark the beginning of a return to Chile? Who knows, but if it does, the hopes are that the Chilean stage will be able to properly receive someone who has been the worldwide ambassador of Chilean jazz for over two decades.

Claudia Acuña

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