Photo Gallery: Recording Session: Rodrigo González Cuarteto Jazz

Jazz Singer Rodrigo González, Drummer Andy Baeza, Pianist Américo Olivari and Bassist Miguel Pérez invited Revista Revolver last week to an inside look at the recording of their newest album for the Rodrigo González Jazz Quartet.

Each of the musicians has a long musical and academic career, with participation in various Jazz ensembles and other musical groups.

The still-unnamed album is expected to be ready in the next few months and runs from boleros to standard jazz and ballads. It was recorded at the Estudio del Sur (Maria Pinto), one of the most important recording studios in Latin America where Manuel García recorded in March, and where Chilean funk rock band Chancho en Piedra is currently working on material.

Rodrigo González Cuarteto Jazz
October 2015 Recording Session

Estudio del Sur

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Rodrigo González (Pablo Reyes)

(Pablo Reyes)

Andy Baeza (Pablo Reyes)

Rodrigo González and Ignacio Arriagada (Pablo Reyes)

Miguel Pérez (Pablo Reyes)

Rodrigo González and Américo Olivari (Pablo Reyes)

Américo Olivari (Pablo Reyes)

Rodrigo González and Ignacio Arriagada(Pablo Reyes)

Chorus (Pablo Reyes)

Ignacio Arriagada and Daniel Gajardo (Pablo Reyes)

(Pablo Reyes)

(Pablo Reyes)

Rodrigo González (Pablo Reyes)

Rodrigo González Cuarteto Jazz (Pablo Reyes)

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