Santiago Indie Rock: We Are The Grand

After spending just a few days in Santiago the popularity of indie clothing, music, and art becomes quite apparent. We are the Grand is a Santiago band that takes this popular avenue and makes it their own.

Photo by Carlos Müller, Courtesy We Are The Grand
Photo by Carlos Müller, Courtesy We Are The Grand

We are the Grand formed in 2009 and has since released an EP and two full-length albums. Many of their songs are written in English, which provides the group with a more internationally-marketable sound, opening opportunities for the band in international festivals from the UK to Mexico, including a recent performance with Franz Ferdinand in Chile. The band has achieved this level of success without the aid of a label; a feat which further speaks to their talent.

Their music is pulsing, sparse, and rhythmic; however, the full and chordal vocals keep each song from feeling empty. Some clear influences shine through in each song- Vampire Weekend, the Cure, Keane, and the Killers, to name a few. Not coincidentally, the band has already had the opportunity to perform with the latter two.

 Photo courtesy We Are The Grand
Photo courtesy We Are The Grand

The idea is fairly simple: Tropical-style clean guitars with stabbing notes, percussive rhythms and a flowing vocal melody. The model is extremely reminiscent of many 80's dance bands and modern hipster-indie-rock groups.

If you are into this kind of sound then We are the Grand may just tickle your fancy. English lyrics, a polished sound, outfits seemingly planned, and album art we have come to expect from the genre. Perhaps the method in which they market themselves gives the impression of a cookie-cutter band, but it's in the music where their genuine and authentic nature comes through.

We Are The Grand

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