Snapshot Review: Bulto Poeta

Bulto Poeta (Poetic Load) was a name given to the lead singer Daniela Schälchi, when she was uncontrollably drunk, in love and spouting poetry to her friends’ amusement. The label stuck, and became the name of the band when it formed from the same group of friends about a year ago.

The group’s concept was originally created around the absurdity of society’s love affair with reality shows on TV. The band hates these shows, but admittedly can’t stop watching them, like the rest of the world.

“We laugh at how ridiculous they are,” Daniela said.  “We make a lot of jokes in our songs, but never in bad taste.  We love them (reality shows) and we hate them.”

Influenced by grunge, punk and folklore, Bulto Poeta is a strange mesh of all of these genres with a sly, almost sarcastic attitude that never gets too serious and keeps you in that same mood during the entire set.

Vocals: Daniela Schälchli
Guitar: Carolina Diaz
Guitar: Gabriel Ibarra
Bass: Natalia Figueroa
Drums: Patricio Deantas

Bulto Poeta will keep you lifted, loaded and loving it.

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