Snapshot Review: La Palabra Que Menos te Guste

"Leave your Lonely Planet at home."

La Palabra Que Menos te Guste urges the music-loving community to get to know the real Santiago music scene.  “Foreigner or local, we want to see more people at our shows.  It’s not a real touristy experience, but it is getting to know the culture and people of the city,” the band said.  “People who go to shows hear a completely different kind of music (than that of the radio, or TV),” said 23-year-old lead singer Pía Aravena.

The local group plays punk-heavy squealing anthems laced with esoteric themes and irregular chants.  The female lead singer often wanders into the crowd mid-verse, creating a seam for the music to penetrate every ear in the room.

Composed of local 20-somethings, the band members’ activities outside of La Palabra include teaching Spanish to Palestinian refugees and studying biology, literature and engineering at local universities.

As one of the many local groups catapulting the Santiago music-scene to
life, La Palabra Que Menos te Guste embraces the fight to overcome the stigma people have of going to local events due to the criminal spin Santiago's media puts on public gatherings. 

Vocals: Pía Aravena
Guitar: Benjamín Carriquiry
Bass: Matías Jaque
Drums: Esteban Stutzin

Ditch the guidebook and learn the word.

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