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Alternative rock band Sofia has captured our auditory senses with beautiful duet voices and incredible tunes that weave harmoniously throughout their songs. This three-man group can easily be considered one of the most promising bands Chile has had in some time.

Photo courtesy Sofia
Photo courtesy Sofia

Alan Wurman (guitar, piano and vocals), Andres Vilensky (guitar and vocals) and Rodrigo Chame (drums and backup vocals) have been playing together since they were in high school. The band members look so ordinary that no one would ever suspect that they are all musical prodigies--self-taught musicians who formed Sofia in early 2007.

Photo courtesy Sofia
Photo courtesy Sofia

With English lyrics and a sound that brings to mind Brian Molko from Placebo singing in duet with a raspy voice atop alternative rock music, the band won a contest sponsored by UK's slicethepie that gave them the funds to record their first CD. With the album finished and about to go on sale, Sofia expects to rise to the fame they clearly deserve.

To meet the band is quite an experience. Their quirkiness and fun-loving ways are apparent from the get-go and nothing is taken seriously. While one of them tries to actually prove he has telekinesis, another one will not stop making faces at the camera, and all one can wonder is how in the world to stop laughing at their nonsense and get them to talk about their CD.

The process of recording their first disc was very intense. They recorded every day from late afternoon until dawn and barely had time for anything else. Some of the tracks were revamped versions of their original songs while others were expressly written for the CD. They worked with music producer Gonzalo Gonzalez from Estudios Triana whom they praised repeatedly. In the words of Alan Wurman, “fue un agrado trabajar con el, fluía creatividad” (he was a pleasure to work with, creativity flowed).

Sadly, after the CD was recorded Sofia lost two of its members. Gabriel Wurman was the bass player and although not an original member, he was very much a key part of the band. Gabriel Roitman was the lead guitar player and has recently left the band as well.

Photo courtesy Sofia
Photo courtesy Sofia

The decision to let them go was mutual and they all remain friends. Sofia is currently working with guest musicians to complete their sound.

Now that the CD is finished the band is working hard to get their music on the radio in order to ensure the disc's success once it's launched. The band is also working on their webpage (, which will be ready soon.

The band is very excited for what’s in store for them this year and so are we. With an exceptional ability to combine melodies and change beats, soulful lyrics, great instrumental skills and vocals that transport you to a state of near trance, you should be too.

Their first big gig will be opening for North American artist Matisyahu on April 20th (for more information join the Facebook group Matisyahu/SOFIA on Facebook). Until then you can console yourself by listening to them on MySpace and joining their fan group on Facebook.

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