Teleradio Donoso and a Bed of Nails

Pop, mixed with soul and the magic touch of disco house music are some of the ingredients to one of Santiago's most popular music groups: "Teleradio Donoso.

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The band recently released their video for the song “Cama de Clavos" (Bed of nails) and put on an energetic show that had the predominantly female crowd screeching by the end. The show was hosted by Sala SCD Bellavista, a popular venue for CD and video releases as the small, indoor amphitheater is readily equipped for proper sound and technical management to ensure a smooth show.

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Teleradio Donoso is officially made up of three core members, lead singer/guitarist Alex Anwandter, guitarist/vocalist Martín del Real and drummer/vocalist Juan Pablo Wasaff. Two others join them onstage regularly for some amazing keyboard action and bass playing, Ignacio Aedo (bass) and Marcos Meza (keyboard).

Musically they rock the pop department with an original sound lined with tons of soul singing and keyboarding and some disco house to mix things up a bit. Each member of the band was quite talented in his respective field with the lead singer displaying a vocal range reaching higher than some women can sing and the instruments harmonizing together intricately.

They played all of their most popular songs, such as "Bailar y Llorar" (Dance and cry), "Eramos Todos Felices" (We Were All Happy), "Eras Mi Persona Favorita" (You Were My Favorite Person) as well as some of their lesser-known songs. The extremely female crowd was loving every moment of it, clapping in time with the music, singing along to every song and getting up out of their seats to dance when invited to.

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A large part of what created such enthusiasm in the crowd was the handsome lead singer's ability to bring the audience in, saying things like, "I want to dedicate this song to my friends, because I love my friends very much. And you are all my friends." It was not only his interaction with the audience, but also his unbridled enthusiasm that drove the crowd nuts. He pushed microphone stands over, laid on the stage to sing and walked into the audience amidst a flood of mobile phones snapping close-up photos.

The video "Cama de Clavos" was released at the end of the night, after a much appreciated encore by the band, and was an excellent example of using simplicity to a song's advantage. It was set in what seemed to be an all white studio, with black cameras and the lead singer’s black shoes breaking the whiteness. They band mostly just sang and played in the video, with a few women dressed as ballerinas, dancing to the song in contemporary style beside them.

You don’t need to love pop music to enjoy a Teleradio Donoso show. They are true entertainers and no matter what music you listen to their catchy pop/soul songs will stay in your head for days.

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