Villa Cariño: with Love for the People

On a slightly overcast Friday in Plaza Rio de Janiero, Villa Cariño were upbeat and excited to shoot some quick scenes for a “Patagonia: Sin Represas” campaign. Amidst a busy touring schedule, they are out fighting for not only what they believe in, but what their listeners are trying to accomplish.

 Photo courtesy of Villa Cariño
Photo courtesy of Villa Cariño

“We have a passionate group of fans who always support us, and we support them in their battles,” says Max, the vocalist and leader of the group. The fans he is referring to are the students attempting to alter the educational system, and those protesting that have all but halted the HidroAysén projects. “It’s a movement, the power of protest,” adds Max, which is what connects the band with their audience.

Formed in 2008, the members of Villa Cariño all met while studying music. They have grown to outlive stereotypes of being a “teenage heartthrob” band. Coming up in the Sector Oriente they have been referred to as “cuico,” by their counterparts who live a little further down the red line. While others who see them rocking skate shoes, dirty t-shirts, leather jackets, and Mohawks will continue walking with their noses high in the air, and cough under their breath, “Flaite!”

  Photo courtesy of Villa Cariño
Photo courtesy of Villa Cariño

“Our fans are mostly young students, but we have Moms, grandmothers, construction workers all singing along. Our goal for making music is to transverse boundaries and not play to these classist stereotypes,” says a very serious Max.

This is evident just by the type of music they play. “Es cumbia, po,” chimes in Chiche, the lead guitarist. He laughs and continues by saying, “Cumbia with influences from classic rock, jazz, pop, cumbia villera, Los Wawanco, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tommy Rey, and Chico Trujillo.”

They feel that not incorporating variety in today’s musical world is ignorant. “It’s so easy to hear new music from all over, and we use it in our own style to develop our story, ” says Max studiously.

For the members of Villa Cariño, the story of their music is of a boy who suffers the aches and pains of love. Ever since their first hit, “No Puedo Olvidarla” on their first album, “Terapia Intensiva” the music follows the trials and tribulations of a young kid lost in the world of romance and relationships.

  Photo courtesy of Centro Cultural Amanda
Photo courtesy of Centro Cultural Amanda

However, on their newest album, “15añero” they build on the ideals of this young man with the goal of increasing social awareness. Songs like “No!” provide a screaming contest to foreign investment projects in the natural beauties of Chile. “The goal of the second album is to be more positive,” asserts Chiche, which they manage to accomplish with their energy and passion for their music and their followers. You can see this for yourself, as they are putting on some great shows for “Fiestas Patrias” on Friday night at Centro Cultural Amanda.

+ Cento Cultural Amanda
+ Vitacura
+ Embajador Doussinague 1767
+ 56 22185420
+ Friday, September 16, 21:30
+ Lobby Amanda: Fernanda Arrau Dj Set/ Anfitrión Chico Claudio
CP$ 6.000. Primeras 500
CP$ 8.000. 300 cupos.

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