Wentru and the New "Pop Azul"

Santiago is a unique city in its ability to embrace its evolving urbanism without losing sight of its cultural roots. Chilean group Wentru's ability to integrate both the old and new in its unique sound has lead to its growing popularity in Santiago's indie music scene.

Photo courtesy Wentru
Photo courtesy Wentru

Wentru formed in Antofagasta in 2008 and continued when the band members moved to Santiago to find work. The band includes five members, Daniel Lattus on bass, Carlos Montivero and Martina Petric on guitar and vocals, Pablo Martínez on drums, and Renato Cortés on guitar. They have helped shape Santiago's indie music scene with tunes that combine an authentic Chilean identity and elements of the modern indie-pop musical movement.

The word "Wentru" comes from the Madpudungún language of the Mapuche and means "the father of a family, or a spouse." The band thought the word had a nice ring to it and had a unique look, so they adopted it and have been working on giving it an authentic and significant meaning within their genre.

When asked about the type of music they play, Carlos Montivero perfectly described their genre as "Pop Azul." Their songs embody the indie-pop identity but have a more melancholic, intimate, "blue" vibe that make their sound unique, relatable and emotional.

Since the formation of the band, Wentru has released three LPs: Resumen (2008), Toda Va a Explotar (2010), and BAILA! (2013), and one EP, El lado salvaje (2014). These records embody the sound so artfully depicted by Montivero as "Pop Azul." Fun and enjoyable to listen to, they also have a raw, deeply emotional aspect that most pop artists fail to integrate into their songs.

Photo courtesy Wentru
Photo courtesy Wentru

This raw intimacy largely comes from the writing process described by Montivero. Montivero shared that the songs always come from ideas that grab him at his home studio and later evolve through a collaborative effort of the group. When asked where he gets his inspiration, Montivero said, "[the songs] are personal situations, heartbreak is something that has always moved me, but I also write about social topics...sometimes a book or a phrase will help me develop a lyric which will develop into a whole song. I don't know if my composition is very rational, but it's something more intuitive and something a little more clear to me."

Wentru is gaining a lot of traction in Santiago after releasing three albums and an EP, playing shows throughout Chile, and even performing at festivals outside the country like the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas USA. It has developed its presence through its effort, perseverance, and a true love of music. Carlos included, "We love to play, but we are also interested that the people get to know our work through releasing albums and singles, having good video material, and then getting people to see a good live show too."

Wentru perfectly embodies the evolving indie-pop music scene of Santiago and gets Revolver's vote as a band that is an absolute must-see. If you would like to check out the band, they have a concert coming up this Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Sala SCD Bellavista. Don't miss out!

Web: www.wentru.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wentru
Twitter: @wentru
Instagram: @bandawentru
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/Wentru

"Lanzamiento videoclip "Días de Cera""
Saturday April 25, 2015 @ 10:30
Location: Sala SCD Bellavista
Address: Santa Filomena #110, Santiago
Metro: Baquedano
General Entrance: $2.500 CP

Where to buy tickets:
Tiendas Falabella
Tienda The Knife
Boleterías de ambas Salas SCD

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