Crystal Chesters

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Crystal hails from Dumfries, a drizzly and often overlooked town in Southwest Scotland. She graduated last year from the University of Glasgow where she studied English Literature and Italian and wrote for the Glasgow University Guardian. She came to Chile to work as an English teacher and now writes for Revolver Magazine. In her free time she enjoys watching Braveheart and explaining to people in pigeon Spanglish that Scotland is not a city in England. Once exhausted by this, she often finds herself trawling the city streets in search of the perfect Torta de Tres Leches ideally accompanied by an above average coffee. She didn\'t enjoy the smog-filled Santiago winter which she found long and tense, a bit like the Christmas season in the Northern Hemisphere but without Santa and time off work. However, she is looking forward to the South American summer which is apparently 20 degrees hotter and 3 months longer than the one in Scotland.