Kamille Go

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Just as Kamille was about to finish her History degree at Western Washington University in the rainy Pacific Northwest of Gringolandia, she was seduced by the words of Chilean literary greats Pablo Neruda and Isabel Allende. She rashly decided to postpone her studies and backpack across Latin America to see the homeland of these creative geniuses. Though she believes her writing is too often plagued with run-on sentences and an excessive use of descriptive modifiers, her internship at the Santiago Times is teaching her the simplistic beauty of newswriting.

No stranger to cross-cultural experiences, Kamille has studied in France and Argentina and traveled through Europe, North Africa, Asia, North, Central and South America. And yet, she still blushes on occasion when trying to speak the local language. In her free time she cooks sub-par French food, makes origami mobiles, and sharpens pencils to absurd levels of pointedness. Kamille currently lives outside of Santiago, splitting her time between writing for The Santiago Times and working at the editor\'s organic farm.