Argentina Gets Dirty With 'Sucio'

From the depths of postmodern theatre, directors Ana Frankel and Mariano Pensotti have proudly presented a unique stage production that upholds Argentina’s theatrical reputation. Through trepid, confessional monologues, enraged dialogues and spontaneous musical moments, Sucio journeys into a medley of genres with an hour-long trip to the laundromat.

Santiago Chile Sucio
Photo courtesy Sucio

Comical, satirical and musical, the story is quite simple: Three strangers meet at the laundromat, where they take emotional shelter in each other's presence. From the opening monologue, wittily articulated by actor Carlos Casella, the play promptly takes on a rising degree of intimacy. "They gain unusual confidence in each other and begin to share their stories--some of them long, complex ones, others very personal and intimate,” Casella explained.

Santiago Chile Sucio
Photo courtesy Sucio

Each character reveals memories of the most personal, wistful and somewhat disturbing emotional experiences from his past, forcing the men to get to know each other. One character explains how his neighbors had made him tape their pornography film, and another admits to forcing his wife to sleep with his father.

In Sucio, performed at January's Santiago a Mil festival, many genre-defying moments jump between drama, complete sarcasm and humor, using language as a key spice. Musical instances, like Casella's energetic interpretation of Whitney Houston’s "I’ll Always Love You," allow the characters to expresses their most intense desires.

More intensely, though, is the bizarre scene with Casella going doggy style with a large stuffed puppy in a three-minute sex stint, granting the play one of its many surreal but hilarious moments:

The directors use these over-the-top scenarios to invite the audience to see something of themselves onstage,
for more than mere amusement. “We invite the spectator to come to participate in an experience," Pensotti said. "We want them to realize what happens to them, how they feel...We want them to feel a degree of reflection of themselves within the characters."

With a witty parody of manhood and an Argentinean touch, Frankel and Pensotti have managed to create a theatrical experience that speaks through many voices to the many social issues that affect men every day. Sucio is not just a regular story about people; it is an experience worth undergoing.


Directed by Ana Frenkel and Mariano Pensotti

Featuring Guillermo Arengo, Carlos Casella and Juan Minujín

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