Baile Gratis en el Metro Quinta Normal

After a long day of work, getting sprayed with dusty mist before sandwiching between a sweaty businessman and a mother of three is the last thing anyone wants to do. But this month, there’s finally been an incentive to put up with the heat, crowds and bustle of Santiago’s Metro.

Santiago Chile Baile Gratis Quinta Normal
"El Tablao del Diablo" dance performance
Photo courtesy Compañía Embrujo Flamenco

Throughout November, Metro de Santiago has teamed up with Compañía Karen Connolly to offer free dance performances at the Quinta Normal station in an effort to enrich the city’s cultural diversity. With genres varying weekly, Tuesday nights are proving to be exceeding the goal.

Santiago Chile Baile Gratis Quinta Normal
"Templao… Pura Emoción" dance performance
Photo courtesy Compañía Embrujo Flamenco

Highlighting dances from Argentina, Spain and Chile, last week's folkloric showcase was no exception. Skirts flipping and heels stomping, two couples from Compañía Embrujo Flamenco kicked off the show to the live music of a traditional flamenco singer, guitarists and bassists.

“Flamenco por Pasión,” directed and choreographed by Pedro Fernández, lived up to its name with alternating dances by the collective female bailaoras (flamenco dancers) and male soloist, undeniably the best of the group. In all black, the Antonio Banderas look-alike showed off his fancy footwork and hip-gyrations before joining the others for an explosive finale.

Santiago Chile Baile Gratis Quinta Normal
Photo by Cristian Navarro
Courtesy Compañía Libertango

Still on a high from the rhythm of Spain, the crowd of over 150 put national rivalries aside to enjoy the Argentinian spice of Compañía Libertango.

“The dance [tango] is an expression of the frustration of love,” gushed the show’s moderator, who seemed to be living vicariously through the dancers.

Flirtatious smiles and intertwining legs let the crowd know the three couples were anything but frustrated. Numerous partner and costume changes kept the music and movement of the tango going. But the experience of the dancers, who have been together for over ten years, allowed their synchronization to parallel their movement.

Tuesday, November 18, however, turned out to be the day the music died when the three-part movement was abruptly cut to two. Due to an undisclosed incident the Chilean showcase, Elenco Joven del Bafona, was unable to perform. Booing from the crowd expressed the discontent with the last-minute turn of events. However, as they piled out of the bleachers, there was little regret amongst the metropolitan attendees.

There's still time to liven up your Metro experience. Next week's performance, Danza Espectáculo, will include performances by Compañía Karen Connolly, Compañía José Luis Tejo and Compañía Danza Espectáculo Profesor Valero. All promise to end the month with a bang.

And if watching the cornucopia of dance gets you in the mood, Metro de Santiago is offering free dance classes in Vals, Rock and Roll, Salsa y Cueca every Thursday. There’s no escaping it-- November has danced its way into our city and our hearts.

Final Performance:
Danza Espectáculo
Tuesday, Nov. 25
5 to 7:30 pm
Metro Quinta Normal

Final Class:
Vals, Rock and Roll, Salsa y Cueca
Thursday, Nov. 27
6 to 8 pm
Metro Baquedano Multisala

Photos courtesy:
Compañía Embrujo Flamenco

Compañía Libertango

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