'Beige' is No Longer Just a Dull Color

Beige is a boring, bland color. It is the color of cotton, tasteless porridge, dry toast and airport lounges. It represents homogeneity, monotony, order and uniformity. Alejandro Càceres’s surreal and contemporary dance Beige seeks to vibrantly disrupt and break free of these everyday conventions.

Santiago Chile Beige Dance
Photo by Alejandro Caceres

With movement, music and image as its tongue, Beige examines the daily nature of the "social body." It intimately looks at the points of contact between the body and the various atmospheres it encounters every day.

Santiago Chile Beige Dance
Photo by Alejandro Caceres

Visuals of crystal blue water are used throughout with clips of two average brown-suited middle-aged men (who are also the dancers) living their life underwater. They eat, sleep and converse in the water, which, I believe, suggests they are trapped. As the clips play, the same two dancers are on the stage, but one is dressed in a luminous yellow suit and the other in a blue suit, already trying to challenge daily norms.

They struggle, shaking and contorting their bodies, to invasive sounds in a way that I never thought possible. The dance takes us on their intensifying journey to break free from their repetitive routines. We feel their frustrations and desires. We witness their fights. As the dance progresses their dancing grows wilder and their heads literally get bigger.

Jerking through an imbalance of images, movements and sounds, the sinister performance flows together to represent life as it truly is: repressive routines that certain individuals sometimes attempt to break away from. However, the result is often failure.

Do not expect a beautiful ballet or a funky modern dance. Beige experiments with movement of the human body, pushing it to its limits, like nothing I have seen or heard of before. For this reason alone I recommend seeing this intelligent, original and dark dance.


January 19 to 25, 2009

9 pm

CP$3,000 (US$4.85)

Sala Chucre Manzur

Chucre Manzur 7 (north of Antonia Lopez de Bello)

Metro: Baquedano

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