Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like, But Do You?

Taken from an original adaptation by Bret Fetzer, Director Horacio Videla has constructed a solid stage play that beautifully recreates old Japanese culture. Y quien no sabe cómo es un dragon? is a stunning, open invitation to a world full of life and vivid imagination.

Santiago Chile Y Quien No Sabe
Photo courtesy ¿Y quién no sabe cómo es un dragón?

Destiny has prepared Han, a young orphan road sweeper intent on becoming a great soldier, for something special when he is appointed to welcome the great dragon of the clouds, who can save the city from savage warriors.

Santiago Chile Y Quien No Sabe
Photo courtesy ¿Y quién no sabe cómo es un dragón?

However, when none of the characters seem to know exactly what a dragon looks like, the mission is further complicated when an old female beggar tells Han she is the dragon, leaving the troupe trying to decipher the enigmatic identity of the woman.

Álvaro Pizarro delivers a fully charismatic performance as the sweet, tender, even cartoonish Han, attracting the audience's sympathy within minutes. His acrobatic Jet Li-esque moves, particularly during fight scenes, are stunning and add great energy to the whole show. In addition, the beggar, played by Carla Lobos, is a strong personification and allusion to the classic Shakespearean fool.

The story follows the structure of old, fable-like, Japanese story tales, with a tensely developed plot that ends with a witty moral message. On stage, the montage of vivid photos sketches a setting full of bright colors, giving the impression of being inside a Japanese cartoon. The extensive use of lights and shadows provides the onstage performance with its necessary ambience, an apparent sign that this is certainly not a tight-pocketed theatrical production.

¿Y quién no sabe cómo es un dragón?, performed at Santiago a Mil in January, invites us to take a look deep inside our spirits and reflect upon certain aspects of life, such as our purpose in life and who we choose to become. For Han, once he realizes that the beggar is indeed the mighty dragon, his final spiritual discovery is his realization that instead of being a soldier, to become a dragon is a duty more fulfilling to him.

Indeed, what is nobler than wishing to become a wise, mighty dragon?

¿Y quién no sabe cómo es un dragón? ("And who doesn’t know what a dragon looks like?”)

Directed by Horacio Videla

An adaptation by Bret Fretzer, from the book by Jay Williams

Featuring Carla Lobos, Álvaro Pizarro, Gabriel Gana, Pamela Guzman, Darwin Le Roy, Fernanda Marquez, Fernando Oviedo and Jorge Ortiz

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