La Patriótico Interesante presents: Kadogo, Niño Soldado

Quinta Normal, the often forgotten station at the end of Santiago´s green metro line, has given visitors ample reasons to flock there this month with the original theater performance “Kadogo, Niño Soldado” by Santiago’s “La Patriotico Interesante” theater company.

Santiago, Chile entertainment - Kadogo Nino Soldado by La Patriotico Interesante
Photo courtesy Kevin Morizur

Not only are the tickets considerably cheaper than most theater performances in Santiago (CP$ 1,500-CP$3,000), but “Kadogo, Niño Soldado” is also the perfect escape from the city´s intense summer time heat. Staged in Matcuana 100's outdoor performance area, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to enjoy a typical Santiguian breezy summer evening while watching this eye-popping spectacle.

Kadogo: Nino Soldado by La Patriotico Interesante
Photo courtesy Kevin Morizur

“Kadogo Niño Soldado” tries to uncover the causes and social responsibilities that are at the origin of child violence, both in warfare and in urban crime. The lack of labor horizons, the weakness in family relationships due to economic instability and a society that values people based on their property and capacity for consumption, has pushed children to the streets, threatening their very survival.

"The warlords" against the big garbage dump, the symbolic space where "Huacho children" live and suffer social neglect. “Kadogo Niño Soldado” is a street theater performance packed full of energy and surprises, combining mime, acrobatics, dance and speech, all of which are led tightly by the rhythm of a band, varying from soft piano to heavy metal. The circular stage area is set opposite the band, with the audience intimately forming part of the performance space. Very few words are said so even non-Spanish speakers will be sucked into the spectacle.

Kadogo: Nino Soldado, La Patriotico Interesante
Photo courtesy Kevin Morizur

The highly visual narrative structure, built on table units, reviews the role of some of the Chilean and global stakeholders in the tragedy of armed children: politicians, media, economic power, health and the "ordinary" citizen. Yet these characters are presented in a satirical light, with, for instance, the media portrayed as vultures feasting on a fallen child soldier.

The prominent music, the colorful props, the energy-fueled actors as well as the important message makes “Kadogo, Niño Soldado” a universal performance not to be missed. You will be so absorbed you will not want it to end - I've already reserved my ticket for the next show!

Cast & Crew:
Artistic Director: Ignacio Achurra
Actors: Adrián Díaz, Francisco Díaz, Alejandra Cofré and Ignacio Achurra
Theatrical Designers: Pablo de la Fuente, Cristóbal Ramos and Carola Sandoval
Musical Director and Composer: Rodrigo Bastidas.
Musicians: Rodrigo Bastidas, Gonzalo Bastidas and Andrés Hanus.
Graphic Designer: Pablo De la Fuente.
General Producer: Katiuska Valenzuela.
Duration: 55 minutes

Address: Av. Matucana 100, Estacion central, Metro Quinta normal
Dates of Performance: 12 December - 4 January 2009: Thursday-Saturday 19.00 and Sundays 18.30.
Price: General: $ 3000, Elderly: $ 2000, student: $1500.
Available at Ticketmaster / Box office at Matucana 100
Phone: (56-2) 682 4502

For more information: La Patriotico Interesante

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