Mayumana stopped time with Momentum

Mayumana recently brought their new dance and music spectacular, Momentum, to audiences at Santiago’s Teatro Nescafé de las Artes and they certainly got Santiago tapping to the beat.

Santiago Chile
Photo courtesy John Pérez

Mayumana, the name given to a multi-skilled performance collective, was born in a small cellar in Tel Aviv in 1996. Since then, co-creators Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman, have brewed the performers’ talents to dizzying heights. Blending music, dance, and a whole lot of riotous drama they have already performed for and astounded over 5 million people worldwide.

Santiago Chile
Photo courtesy Mayumana

Coining themselves as the “multicultural troupe” that has “developed a unique language” which focuses on “creativity and humour”, Mayumana’s vibrant brand of music brought some heat to Santiago’s cold winter nights.

The theme of Mayumana’s latest creation, Momentum, is time. The clocks dotted around the stage that tick at different times were the driving force behind much of the show; they gave the show pace and an unwavering sense of urgency. Nobody knew what they were going to witness next, and it was this unpredictability that won the crowd over.

Bring a bottle of water to Mayumana; just watching them will dehydrate you.
Layers and layers of complicated visual effects and festooning limbs left the audience on the edge of their seats. Mayumana’s 10-piece troupe makes the old want to be young and the young never want to be old. Bodies fly across the stage like fireworks. From the traditional guitar and drums to the ingenious- buckets and huge beakers of water, sounds burst out from all directions.

Santiago Chile
Photo courtesy Mayumana

Mayumana displayed each performers’ skills like a trophy. Each performer was given their five minutes of fame, from a beat boxer to an eccentric drama queen.

But it was the crowd interaction that really brought the show to life. At times, members of the audience were even unexpectedly pulled into the musical chaos. From pulling on ropes in order to make drum sounds to dancing on stage with the limber performers, nobody felt left out.

The concept of time as an always reliable and occasionally inescapable reality, was used as a medium that the cheeky performers could meddle with, stop, fast forward and rewind. By the end, even the miserable-looking man next to me couldn’t resist tapping his feet. If my performance skills were a little more advanced than karaoke on a Saturday night, I know which show I’d want to be a part of. One that makes one wonder where the time went with a little Momentum.


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