Not Your Ordinary Man of La Mancha

The clownish actors of Teatroterko added some Chilean flavor to the timeless tale of Don Quijote in their revamped twist, Es que el jote deja Mancha (“Quijote left la Mancha”), at this year's Arte Callejero Festival.

Santiago Chile Arte Callejero
Photo courtesy Kyle Weaver

In front of a patchwork Chilean flag, the three actors brought to life the principal characters of Don Quijote, sidekick Pancho Sanza (Sancho Panza) and love interest Dulcecito (Dulcinea). Despite the simple set, their off-the-wall antics kept the audience on edge, anticipating the trio's next conquest.

Santiago Chile Arte Callejero
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

Dressed in brightly colored vagabond garb, Don Quijote and Pancho drunkenly stumble upon what they believe to be a luxury hotel, but what in fact is Dulcecito’s less-than-classy pension. At her residence, Quijote continuously professes his chivalrous love to the oblivious woman who hardly notices him.

As the sassy Dulcecito struts about the stage, an absentminded Quijote follows, serenading her and reciting sweet love poetry in hopes of catching her attention. Whether it's Pancho’s impersonation of a legless beggar or Quijote’s desperate attempts to win Dulcecito's heart, the trio’s stage chemistry alone was enough to draw plenty of laughs from the crowd.

Along with the characters' “stoogesque” presence and frequent inserts of remixed songs from the original musical, Compania Teatroterko put an innovative spin on a classic piece with nothing more than humor and a few cheap props.

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